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Ktcam0003_1Mr. Dashwood fits perfectly.  It's a bit ruffly, but not too bad, really, and it's perfect for our cooler mornings and evenings these days.  Tanguy, however, is nearly outgrown.  In this corner, Merry M*c, at 11 weeks, is weighing in at about 15 pounds -- chunkilicious -- and he's worn precious few things marked "newborn"!

It was quite the revolving door at M*c's house over the weekend -- Ai went down on Thursday night to do some painting.  Mdd and I followed on Friday night -- through torrential rain in spots!  Ai & Mdd drove home on Saturday afternoon (Ai had to work early Sunday morning).  Kt rode down on Saturday night with Mom and her DH.  The twins joined us for lunch on Sunday -- one of them was in town to deliver her eldest to UW for freshman year!  By Sunday night, we'd all cleared out.  M*c was not lacking for company or attention over the weekend!

Ktcam0031Ktcam0032Remember a month ago when I discovered that one of my cousins was a knitter?  This is the hat and booties set that she made for M*c -- from Debbie Ware's Too Cute!  Adorable.  He's been wearing the booties I've made for him, too -- all but the last, which are already too small.  The hands-down faves are the Kool-aid booties and I may knit another pair.  It will soon be time for Opptuna and then he'll need more handknits!  It'll be a Weasley Christmas, for sure -- I'm thinking of ordering one of these.



That is one lucky little guy! Handknits abound. The Mr. Dashwood is perfection.


Gotta love those big boys! I think Mack and Eli would be fast friends.


Oh my goodness how Mack has grown. What a cutie! Mr. Dashwood looks so cute on him. What a cute hat and booties your cousin made and Mack is the perfect model!


He is so cute. I love all his handknits. What a good aunt you are!


He's cute! Your Dashwood is cute, too! That and booties are almost as cute as Mack!


He looks so cute in his Hand Knits :)

Kim/Curlie Girl

Awwwww...too cute is exactly right!


Awwww...what a cutie in all those wonderful handknits. It's so fun to dress those little ones in the things they wouldn't dare wear when they're older.


I love the bobbled hat and booties, very colourful. i think you'll have to make a few Weasley's in ever bigger sizes. I love that sweater. Can grownups wear Weasley's?

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