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Celia tapped me.  Since it's pretty clear that there's no need for a stinkin' blogger protection program 'round here, she'd like to know Five Things That I Miss From Childhood.

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I miss kickball and games like pom-pom pull-away and even plain, old tag.  There were lots of kids in the neighborhood and we all played together pretty well.  We'd usually start drifting home when the streetlights came on, but once in a while, if it was a really nice evening and everyone was getting along exceptionally well, we could stay out a little past dark.

I miss popcorn and Kool-aid parties.  One summer, we practically made a ritual out of popcorn and Kool-aid every afternoon.  We'd spread a blanket in the shade of a (really rather small) maple tree in the front yard and have a little snack with whoever was around.

On the subject of food, I miss Jell-o parfaits.  That was another summer, when I was in high school, but for this purpose, I'm gonna still consider that childhood.  Anyway, does anyone remember the Jell-o parfait craze?  Man, it was quite a process, too, but we had fun with it.  You'd make regular Jell-o and put it in individual glasses -- tipping them in the fridge while the Jell-o set, if you wanted to be all fancypants.  Some of the Jell-o would be mixed with Cool Whip, I think, and that would be another layer, atop the plain Jell-o.  Finally, there would be a layer of straight Cool Whip.  Mmmm.

I miss family gatherings or when Mom would have friends over and listening to the grown-ups talk.  When I was a baby, my dad nicknamed me "Mouse," and it stuck for years and years.  Well, I think I acted like one, too; I could be quiet as a mouse and not draw any attention, except sometimes I think my mom could "see" my elephant ears.  (I don't remember Mom ever calling me "Mouse," but she did call me "Elephant Ears" on many occasions.)  My absolute favorite thing to do was listen to grown-ups talk and, especially, tell stories and laugh (but I'd listen to anything!).

I miss the Dilly Wagon.  "Dilly Wagon" was our generic term for any slow-moving, motorized vehicle with a freezer attached, playing kid-enticing music while dispensing various ice cream treats.  What a frenzy that would cause in the neighborhood!

Last night, I went to a minor league baseball game -- and that is something I haven't done since childhood, either!  It was a blast and the weather was absolutely perfect.  (The air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife yesterday morning, but, as promised, the afternoon brought a most welcome change.)  A big difference between last night's game and those of my childhood was in my choice of beverage.  *Hic*  And for some unknown reason, probably having to do with *hic* beer(s), I typed a couple of emails and maybe a few blog comments before I went to bed last night.  I know for sure that I wrote to my sister and made mention of how many times I had to hit backspace to keep from "slurring my words."  I wrote to Celia, too, though I don't think I said anything about beer.  I did say that I was green because she met Stephanie, and something about how I could easily be a groupie, and wondering if I'd be called a Harlot Head (and what would the logo look like and could I paint my car?).  Oh, the mind doth wander...



Even though I wrote today that I hate summer, and did as a kid, I do miss those nights playing outside as it got dark, the lighting bugs zipping by....

Nostalgia's so nice sometimes.


Imagine all those Harlot Heads across the country. I think we need t-shirts and bumper stickers. Wouldn't that embarrass Stephanie's children...


When I saw Celia's tag I wanted to 'do a Norma'. I'm might do a mini-version. It's fun to read what others say about it, however. And if you make a Harlet Head bumper stitcker...I want one!


We totally had the Harlot Tour 2005 t-shirt all designed, and I have no idea what happened to the idea. She was even going to donate the proceeds to MSF. I think she thought it was too....too, or something. ;-D

Kim/Curlie Girl

I know what you mean about listening to adults talk...I was fascinated with it too. It was like trying to figure out another world that existed on your level, but you weren't invited into the club!

elizabeth abaravich

I love that last post. I, too, remember lawn chairs on the grass, with my parents, grandparents, and neighbors chatting until it got dark and the moon was full. It was magical.


Jell-o parfaits...that got me thinking about Jell-O 1-2-3. Did you remember that? It was as you described - but it separated into the three layers all by itself as it was setting in the parfait glass. This chemical wonder/horror wasn't on the market for very many years - probably some sort of health risk - but I loved it just the same.

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