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Virginia_sheepMy uncle sent me a CD of old photos he'd scanned from my grandma's and great grandma's collections.  It's a pretty horrible scan, but that's my grandma with some wee woolies, probably on her parents' farm in the '30s sometime.  I was delighted to find it and it qualifies as the knit-related highlight of the past several days.  I did start a pair of wee, striped mittens as part of a baby shower gift for a baby that's due in November.  I panicked, thinking that the shower was this weekend, but it's actually in two weeks.  Whew.  Last night, I finally added another ball of yarn to the Tivoli T -- progress!

If I hadn't been so distracted yesterday, I'd have pointed you to Anna's latest creation for sure!!  So here it is, the very cute Claude!  She assures me that her copious notes are being transformed into a pattern which will be available soon.  This young woman has definitely got style and I advise you keep an eye on her!

>Here ends any knitting content.<

I love to hear my mother tell about when my brother was little and would go on the ferris wheel at the county fair -- how as he neared the top she'd hear him call out "Mmmooooommmmmm" each time the wheel came 'round.  I think he thought he'd eventually outgrow his fear of heights, so he kept trying every year.  She got pretty good at begging to have the ride stopped so he could get off.

It's funny, I don't remember getting on this roller coaster, but I'm ready to get off!  "Mmmooooommmmmm!"  Crisis (mine) has been averted -- postponed, anyway -- as Ai's decided not to move out, and all it will cost is a little remodeling.  I'd like to think I had a little something to do with opening her eyes -- making her really think about whether she can live with these particular people and their Moochy Moodiness, for one thing; perhaps finances, for another.

Things have been changing WAY too quickly around here -- I'm not used to having so little control and it just keeps getting worse and worse.  I'm not a control freak by any stretch, either; I'd be having a total breakdown if I were!  I'm sure it's all part of the big plan, but there's only so much of this shit I can take before I'll actually be renting and loading the U-haul myself and asking where I can drop them off!

Yes, when I signed up for my first Lamaze class, I was also signing up for this -- the reward for a job fairly well done, I guess.  I had a very active, emotional day yesterday, including many thoughts of my own experience at this age and what it all means and who I hurt and what I learned and what an ass I was!  What in the hell am I complaining about?  Ai's been wearing kid gloves compared to the sucker punches I was throwing.  I'm counting my lucky stars now.

So we'll be removing part of the ceiling in her room and putting up some insulation and walls in the attic, thereby making a loft.  Mdd will eventually make good use of this, too.  And I hope this is still the plan when I get home tonight.



I'm sorry. Gosh, I remember when I moved out of my parents' house - I called my mother a few months later to apologize for my behavior while I was still living at home. I'm sure it was better for ALL of us that I was gone, but still. As my grandmother says, growing up is VERY HARD. And apparently, according to her, it never ends. Well, that is, until it ends, but you know what I mean.

I'm glad you've been able to work out some kind of plan (however temporary). I know all too well that out-of-control feeling. Not fun, for sure. Hugs to you!


Ann told me to come here! What a great photo. I was coming anyway. Ann is not the boss of me. And I bossed her TP around! Ha!

You are the king and queen of great home remodeling. I am glad Ali is sticking around.


Bless their little hearts .. gotta love those wee woolies! Wonder who's *wearing* them now? Photos like that inspire us all. Thanks for your bit of history.


Wow! What a big post! First, fantastic photo. A glimpse in to your past... so charming! Second, thanks for pointing me to the lovely Anna and her lovely Claude. Thirdly, my my how things change. It's really mind-numbing isn't it? Hang in there, we'll all float on okay. Hugs!


Wow. I feel your pain. My 17 yr old is putting us through the emotional ringer. And he's not even old enough to move out! I'm glad you were able to arrive at a solution. It's so hard to tell them how things will turn out, because they never would believe it and we have to let them learn it on their own. I guess we have done a good job, when they want to be independent, huh?


Hang in there ...... it will get better. I think kids driving us over the edge like this is nature's way of letting us be able to let go of them. They will drive you so crazy, that you are ready to "boot" them out the nest..LOL. My oldest 2 (23 and 25) both have turned out to be great kids inspite of themselves and I have found that I really enjoy their company again, and even more so now on an adult level :-)

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