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Lunch and shopping

I had a great afternoon with Mom yesterday.  We had lunch at a new Italian bistro (her second time there, my first) where I had something with pasta and asparagus and she had a fabulous pizza with olives and artichokes.  Then we wandered around a cooking store and then into cabinet and bath/tile showrooms.  It's probably a really, really good thing for our already-stretched bank account that I didn't go there when we were recently shopping for tile.  I'm a sucker for tile, I'll tell ya, and in matte glazes with designs and colors reminiscent of Roseville or other art pottery.  Love.

For some reason, we ended up at the mall -- Pottery Barn and J.Jill, specifically.  I actually did find some fun stuff on sale at PB and, in keeping with my thought pattern of the last few days, some of it is for Christmas!  Mom has been going to Weight Watchers and has lost nearly 16 lbs. in 20 weeks or something like that.  A while back, she had to write down a goal weight that she'd like to reach by a certain date and what she'd give herself as a reward.  Well, the date is coming up.  Fall is fast approaching, too, and 'tis the favorite season for which my mother likes to buy clothes.  Since it's the favorite season for which my mother likes to buy clothes, she really doesn't need anything new for fall.  But a reward... well, everyone knows that a reward has absolutely NOTHING to do with needs.  This Caprice Jacket is in the running.  I tried it on and I wish I deserved a reward for something (something other than quitting smoking, something that I haven't already rewarded myself for many times over in the last 4+ months).  I really couldn't help but think of Anna's Claude; the jacket was also smock-like, and had a gorgeous line, and it's lined, so there was some heft to it -- there was a big pleat in the back with a stitch holding it together, but once snipped, oh, a lovely swing.  I think Mom was looking for permission to reward herself a little early, but I maintain that she first needs to reach the goal.  Am I a big ol' party pooper?



yes --- you are a party pooper! could that be years of Catholic school showing through? Tell your Mom to buy it now, but that she can't wear it until she reaches her goal!

ps. will reaching the goal affect which size she buys?


Crabby daughter. Enable more.


BIG TIME party pooper (says the girl who just spent all her yarn money on a poster!)

Aw, let her buy it! She's already done pretty well with the whole weight thing right?

Say we get married, can we register for yarn?


Oh, Vicki! I love that sweater! Thanks for sharing the info...I might never have found it otherwise! It looks like a KAL!


I agree. No party pooping, please. The Caprice jacket is darling. Mom deserves it. After all, life is short. Eat dessert first.

And tag - you're it -- tell us what you miss from childhood.

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