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Moms7There was a Mothers' Spring Tea when Ai was in second grade.  The moms enjoyed cookies and tea and beamed as their children, each dressed as a different homemade flower, recited garden variety poetry.  Only fate could explain Ai's being chosen for a pansy.  Isn't she the cutest little gap-toothed pansy ever?  I made the "headdress" with tagboard and tissue paper and she wore a big ol' pansy t-shirt.  (I still have that shirt!)

Moms6Here's my progress on Caryl's Kerchief (pattern and kit available through Foxyknits).  I acquired this pattern last December through an intercontinental trade agreement with Yvette and I'm using the hand-dyed, sportweight wool I recently bought in northern Wisconsin from Red Barn Farm.  The color is "pansy," and it is beautiful -- many times more beautiful than what I'm able to capture with my camera.  As I watch the range of blues and purples pass through my fingers, I think of forget-me-nots, larkspur, delphiniums, the sky, water, blueberries, grapes.  It's quite lovely -- sometimes bright, electric blue, sometimes almost as black as my favorite old-fashioned pansies.  I'd say it's kerchief size right now, the 7th repeat is just underway, and there's a good amount of yarn remaining, so I think I'll get something more like the shawlette that I'm aiming for.

Moms3I guess it's All About Ai Day!  Here's the hood of her car, the rest of which is midnight blue.  She sanded it, primed it, and painted with acrylics.  We all had dinner out together last night, then she drove down to Madison to paint a bedroom at M*c's house.  Apparently, all roads lead to M*c's house this weekend because I'll be heading down tonight, my sister (who I just visited last weekend and saw the weekend before that, too) will be dropping her daughter off at UW-Madison this weekend, and Kt will come down with my mom and her DH on Saturday.  There's a sisterly lunch planned for Sunday -- it'll be the first time we've all been together in quite some time!



Your kerchief looks great, I love the colours, are you beading the edge?
Ali's car is amazing, she is a very talented girl.
Have a fantastic weekend with your sisters and Mack of course.


WOW! That is ONE COOL CAR! Have a great weekend with Baby Mack and the rest of the family.

Bookish Wendy

The artwork is awesome!

Have a good weekend. Make sure to spoil the baby!!!


Have a great time this weekend. Kiss the baby for me!


Thaat is one talented daughter. Hope you have a wonderful visit with Mack and your sister.

Kim/Curlie Girl

Ali's very talented...her car looks incredible. Enjoy your family week-end!

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