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Friday was a beautiful evening to drive in a northwesterly direction.  Kt drove while I knit and occasionally took pictures of the sky.  We didn't get to the lake 'til 11:00, but we slept well and had the weekend ahead of us.

On Saturday, Kt and I stopped at many a little shop on the way to the grocery store -- it's a long, long way to the grocery store.  Our route took us first through the very small town of Butternut.  We stopped to photograph an old Standard sign in front of a former gas station (now bar) made of rocks and noticed a quilt shop; we made that our first shopping stop of the day.  There were a few friendly ladies at a big table with their machines, lots of quilts and hangings on display, fabric, tools and books galore.   I haven't quilted in ages, but I knew I'd be able to find something in that shop -- mostly little gifties.

I'd wanted to visit Red Barn Farm in Butternut, but Rose was discouraging visitors to the farm shop on account of her insurance carrier, so the ladies at the quilt shop kindly directed me to the consignment store in Park Falls where Rose has some things for sale.  I found a few more gifties among the small selection of knit-related items, as well as some yarn -- a hank of sportweight called "Pansy" for me (maybe some mittens) and Kt found a hank of natural wool in the style of Colinette Point 5 (which she likes so much).  A few doors down in one direction was a lotions & potions store where they also made their own soy candles, and a little ways in another direction was a small antique shop (I found an old, vibrant kitchen towel with pansies!), a short ride in the car to another antiques & gifts shop.  We had a lot of fun and I don't think I walked out of a single store empty-handed...

Rdsc05261Dsc05267It was a relaxing weekend.  I had fun visiting with Dad and my sister.  Dad's birthday is tomorrow, so we got an ice cream cake and sang happy birthday yesterday before we all packed up to head home.  I had a nice, long boat ride late Saturday afternoon, spent a fair amount of time sitting near the water, working on my beautiful sock, watching my nephew try to catch snakes in the wood pile.  It was good.  Mdd & Kt walked down to a spot where an old resort used to dump their trash and came up with some intact bottles and jars, including a 6-oz. Coke bottle with a local bottler's mark, an old Log Cabin syrup bottle, and numerous liquor bottles.

Kt drove half-way home yesterday and I was able to start working the heel of my Waving Lace Sock.  This is a different kind of heel (sl 1, K1 across, then purl back) than my first sock, and that's pretty exciting -- short rows coming up!



I missed the debute! But you are hooked at that is awesome, as you jumped right in to another beautiful pair.
The sky is breath taking in your photos.


Wow. Spectacular photos, Vicki. Sounds like a great weekend.


Beautiful photos! The water looks like glass. That's the type of heel I always do and it makes a nicely padded cushion. Good luck!


Great photos, sounds like you had a fun weekend. Socks are definitely addictive, I love short rows, good luck.


Oh, my goodness...that looks positively goregogus...makes me yearn a little bit for Pittsville.


I am SPEECHLESS at the beauty of those sky photos! Thank you for sharing them!
Love your sock! The color and pattern are great!


I LOVE short rows. Let me know how they go!


I want to be there with you!


Oh, my! That lake photo is stunning!! Love the way the socks are coming out! Beautiful color you chose.

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