Northwoods Scenery I
Northwoods Scenery III



Loons! Forgive me while I take a moment. sniff...sniff


Okay, now you're just showing off!! More great photos, what a beautiful spot.


The sky over the lake. The loon. The deer. The hummingbirds. That was the last straw. I have serious envy.


What gorgeous pictures! Damn, I need to buy myself a digital camera. I swear you must be near Hayward - we go through Park Falls on our way up there.

Great shot of you working on the sock. I told you that you would become addicted!


So much beauty!


I just love the twin fawns and the twin hummers. And OH MY that sky! Who needs words with pix like that!?


I am STUNNED that you got that shot of the two hummers. Mine will NOT get along and share the feeder, (except when I've taken the feeder in to clean it and left it in for a while and they're especially hungry, and then only for a SECOND will they share even then!) and I can NOT get a photo of them. You must have had incredible patience or incredible luck....or both! And I'm so glad to see that that feeding solution is clear and not that red stuff that is poisoning the hummingbirds with the dye.....

Mary Beth

Hooray for those photos. The hummingbirds photo is MY FAVORITE!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Ahhhhh...mazing photos. It looks like you and your family had a great time. Love the shot of the loon, and how did you sneak up on those hummingbirds?

And that was one well-turned heel...good for you!




Gorgeous photos!!! It looks like ya'll are having a great time!!


Wow, goregous photos. Lovely, lovely.

Stephanie VW

Great photos. I love the one of the two hummingbirds. They look as if they were startled to discover that they were sharing the feeder.

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