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Dsc05266_1I like it that even 20-year-old art history majors aren't too good for Crayolas and coloring books.  Who could resist Lumiere?  Mrs. Potts was on the facing page.

This is also a test of the suspected Typepad automatic photo resizing system.  I didn't upload a photo the other day because I'd forgotten to resize it and it was huge; I didn't want to inflict painful download times on dial-up users.  Norma wrote that she thinks Typepad has automatically resized some of hers and I've suspected that with some of mine, too, but never investigated.  So, Lumiere is a huge file and we'll just see what happens.  (Update:  It seems to have automatically resized.  If you're brave enough to click and make big, let me know if it loads fast, slow, or normal, would ya?)

I did the very cool short-row heel on my sock last night and am a few rows into working the gusset.  I had time to kill before Jazzercise, so was knitting in my car with the windows open in the parking lot last night.  Is that knitting in public?  Class is held at a very, very old mall (possibly one of the first enclosed shopping malls in the whole wide world) -- the lighting isn't very good inside and there isn't an outside sitting area and it was such a beautiful day...  I ought to have something worth showing you tomorrow.



Loaded normal. Size was fine. Can't wait to see the sock.


It's 15.5K, which is pretty small.


Loaded pretty fast, I think. Knitting in the car in a parking lot is definitely knitting in public.


Yup, fast and resized.


Loaded fast. And resized. Car knitting is KIP for sure.

Mary Beth

Normal. Lumiere looking luminous.


The photo loads pretty fast - no problems.

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