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Dsc05236rOh boy, I'm really, really hooked.  You guys were right.  Hook, line and sinker.  That's a detail shot of the scalloped edging option (which I opted for) on my first Waving Lace Sock.  I waved one way and then waved back last night, completing one full pattern repeat, while watching the Packers beat the Chargers in their first preseason game.  Heh, doin' The Wave while watching football -- that's appropriate!

You're so right, Colleen, you probably did see this yarn when we met up at The Point.  I'd originally bought it with the intention of giving it away, then I realized that practically all of the yarn I bought in NYC was to give away and so I decided to keep some -- yarn buyer's prerogative.  Stacie, this is the same yarn that I sent to you, except yours is blue -- oh, I love it! So far, it's knitting up very nicely.  I had a less detailed shot to show you, but I forgot to resize it, so it actually shows even more detail because it's so frickin' HUGE.  (Lots of people have switched, though, so is dial-up still a concern?  It would be a major infliction, this one.)  The sock is knitting up so nicely that it appears to be the swooning strain of sock sickness from which I'm presently (willingly) suffering.

So the last time I watched football, I was still a smoker.  WHAM!  I got hit with a biggie urge last night at the first 2:00 warning.  I used to have a celebratory (or commiseratory) smoke after each score, but being a very low-scoring game, that wasn't much of an issue last night.  Those 2:00 warnings, though -- and by some fluke, there were THREE instead of the normal two!  Wow.  I just put my head down and concentrated extra-hard on my knitting 'til, as Joan says, it passed over like a cloud.  I used to smoke a lot during half-time, too, and I would have missed getting pissed off at T.O. and his "only $12 million," whatever the hell that was about.  Cara, darling, my sympathies, but better you/Eagles than me/Packers.  It was a pretty good Favre-fest, though (Stephanie, were you and Henry watching), and Captain Favrelous just may have some super powers up his sleeve yet this season.  Go Pack Go!



They (meaning say it takes a year or going through all four seasons to conquer all your triggers. I think that's true. There are many events, scenes, vacations etc that I haven't experienced yet as an ex-smoker. I'm learning stuff as I go along. Also, according to the "Q" a non-smoker is one who never smoked and an ex is one who has escaped the addition. So for both of us it's a journey and I'll shake your hand in congratulations!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Love your first pair, and the second pair is even nicer. Very cute edging!

Good for you for riding out the storm if nicotine withdrawal! Keep it up!


Henry and I did watch the game! His very first. He wore his Packer t-shirt and I gave him the play-by-play! :)

So sorry about the sock sickness. I've suffered for quite some time.

Mary Beth

Wow. I bet you have to go through a WHOLE YEAR before you encounter all the smoking triggers. Each new season with its own things that used to trigger smoking - does that make sense? Well you should be SO PROUD you rode out the football watching one! Love the socks!


I love the sock, edging, and awesome close-up picture of the detail. Great work!


You know what's strange? It seems to me that Typepad actually resizes the pics on me, even when I forget.

You are DA BOMB! for fighting those smoking urges like that. Wish I could lay the same claim regarding Diet Coke and last night, ICE CREAM...Today is the first day of my new diet!

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