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No hangover this morning -- you're all very sweet for asking -- but I did sleep in a bit.  Since the brunch crowd departed yesterday, I've been hangin' loose and not doin' much this weekend -- and it feels great!  I did have to dress up a teensy bit for the encounter with wine and art last night, but that wasn't too stressful and, obviously, the wine helped...  Honestly, I think I only had four glasses of wine and the first was nonalcoholic.  Like I said, I don't drink very often and so when I do, well, it doesn't take much to make me kind of loopy.  Kt came in as I was attempting to blog last night and she was cracking up -- I used to find it funny when my mom was tipsy, too.  Then I had her read my post before I went up -- she was laughing her butt off, so I figured it was okay to keep it up rather than delete it.  I was totally prepared to delete it.  For the record, DH drove and he had much, MUCH less wine than I.

So, on Friday night, I cast on a knit just a few rows of the Williamsro sleeve.  Yesterday, I wound some yarn for Kt -- a very Point 5-ish hank that we bought up north last month -- so she can take it to school and create something.  I also wound a few more hanks of the Cash Iroha for Williamsro and some cotton that doesn't have a project yet.  No knitting yesterday!  There's a Packer game this afternoon, though, and I'll be knitting.  I hope Captain Favrelous comes out slingin' and that he and his merry band of football fellas can prove the naysayers wrong this season.  Go Pack Go!!



Shoot - one real and one fake and I'd be out on my ass. LOL. Glad you feel okay today. Hope your team wins (they're not playing my team right? ;-) )


Vicki, You are so funny. Loved the post. I can just see you trying to type. I laughed so hard I could barely get through the post.


Sometimes a little wine makes blogging much more fun. You think you can type, you read it back and wonder if gremlins have attacked the keyboard. Glad you had a restful weekend anyway, feels good doesn't it!


I'm in bed after two glasses. Four, and I would be on the floor.

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