Heeeeeere's Chelle!
Baby, you can drive my car


...it's just the normal noises in here.

Update on Chelle's project (see yesterday):  The yarn is Lion Brand Baby Soft, an acrylic yarn that comes in huge, 459-yard hanks, making it both washable and affordable (less than $20, she says, for the entire layette).  The colors are #184 Melon (more like coral) and #143 Lavender (which looks too blue, I think, in the photos).  She promises to send a pic of the Baby Surprise Jacket when it's finished.

Just in time to celebrate my first week with Weight Watchers Online (and a 3-lb. loss), I got my Knitting Bloggers Cookbook in the mail yesterday!  Oh, Elizabeth, what a fine, fine job you've done -- it's a very generous gift.  Thank you!  I love another Elizabeth's cover art!  In paging through, I had to laugh at Mrs. Pilkington's mention of Tillamook Cheese -- that's where I met DH and where Kt was born; I actually typeset an entire cookbook about nothing but Tillamook Cheese once!  I can't believe I just happened upon that reference.

And this just in:  Bloglines appears to be down today, but I've just found that Julia's back!  Oh, I've missed her.  Go say hello.

There was supposed to be more today, but this will have to do.  Normal noises...

Edited to add:  Darn it.  I forgot to plug Susie's auctions.  You can read about why here, and then take a look at what she's offering -- today, the next few days -- and help her out with a bid, if you see something you like.  That's all, folks.



That sounds like a dad quote. ;D


Congrats on the 3 lb weight loss that is fabulous! And yes, the booties and other items appear more "blue" in the photos than they actually are. It's a coral and lavendar color combo. Chelle


3 lbs! Woo Hoo!!


Congratulations on your 3 lbs! I am thinking of starting WW on line -- do you like it?

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