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Fine, be that way!

Bloglines is wonderful.  It's also very aggravating when it ignores you for days and days and days.  So fine, you don't want to update my feeds?  I'll blog some MORE!  That'll show ya.

It's a sad and sorry state when I'm scrolling through my own list of Bloglines subscriptions with a self-imposed mandate to read only those with more than 20 unread posts.  I just can't keep up, but eventually I get around to it, even if it's a month and a half later.

So, I found myself at Stitches of Violet.  I think everyone would agree with me if I said that Margaret is an angel.  It was there that I found the link to the Restash Network, dedicated to replenishing the stash of knitters who may have lost it all in disaster.  While not on the same level with donating blood, I think this is worthy and important.

I have a nephew with Down Syndrome and he's crazy about movies.  He has an extensive collection of videos (perhaps a shift to DVD this Christmas?) and is delighted to reenact favorite scenes -- or "Step In Time" with his fellow chimney sweep (aka, little brother) using the coffee table and sofa as props -- anytime!  Well, my sister wrote to me a couple of weeks ago and wondered what she should do with a video she ran across at home -- she'd purchased it for my nephew a while back, forgetting that he already had it.  Should she try to return it, even though it's been months (and even though the store she bought it from has already made the shift from VHS to DVD)?  Keep it as a collector's item?  "Ack," I wrote, "why bother?"  I suggested that she donate it, to think about all the kids in New Orleans who lost their videos -- what would her son do if his collection were washed away?  He'd survive, of course, as would I if my stash were lost, but they are silly little things that soothe, make us happy, and are one more step back to Normal.  (Hey, that's in Illinois, isn't it?)

This weekend, I'll be going through my stash again, and my needles and my books and magazines.  Right now, there are a few more 20+ subscriptions to read -- who knows what else I might find!



Bloglines is ignoring me too. You just got updated for me though.

Replenshing stash is a great idea!


And they said it was getting better! Still, I know you're there!


I'm being ignored too. Don't feel bad.


Bloglines is definitely a double-edged sword!


Such a sad situation, the accident in your next post. (your comments are not open for that one, in case you didn't know it)


Yes it's hard to keep up with the blog reading and the blog writing and still have time to knit and maybe fit in a little housework.

Thanks for the link.

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