Visitor and his luggage

Baby, you can drive my car

FlwrI love this: car park.  Gives new meaning to "paradise by the dashboard lights."


Something you maybe didn't know about me?  I love cars.  Have I ever mentioned that before?  Old cars, fast cars, small cars, sports cars, red cars, roadsters!  If I ever won the lottery?  I'd totally blow it on cars -- and build a big stable to keep 'em all -- and hire a mechanic to keep the engine's runnin' so I can head out on the highway whenever I want, maybe even in my pink Cadillac with the crushed velvet seats... yeah, that's me, oozing down the street.


They make small Caddies, and pink is just watered-down red.  ; )

Susie is starting to list the yarn she needs to sell, and don't forget about the books and magazines.

Time-out didn't help.  Williamsro isn't right and I've got to start over.  It needs to be bigger.  Maybe it's time to cast on and try another sock.



I love cars too :)Especially cute little sporty ones!!


Are you on the points program or the Core program? Chelle


The only thing I really NEED in a car is SPEED! I feel the NEED for SPEED (there's your song reference!)

So sorry about Williamsro! That sucks - been there, done that! ;-)


Thank you so much, Miss Vicki. I've been a bad commenter, but a constant reader. I'll try to remember that my fingers work *during* (not before, but during) my morning coffee and blog reading!

I miss my little MG1100...the British version of the Austin America, much like the new Minicooper. My first car, got 47mpg. Really. And gas was 11.9cents/gallon. Those were the days...



Hee, hee! I love that car park.

Cars, eh, they don't do it for me. Give me one that's small and reliable, and I'm a happy driver.


forget the cars ---- tell us more about that paradise by the dashboard lights!!

ps. start saving your points or whatever you're doing for some of that wine in Rhinebeck!

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