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It's handled

Island in rear view

All of a sudden, I only have a few more rows 'til the Cash Iroha/main part of the second Williamsro sleeve is finished!  Sleeve Island will be in my rear view by week's end.  I'll still have the Blossom part, but it's all stockinette and only a few inches.  I'll be casting on the body ASAP -- I'd like to have that baby finished by this time next month.  Woo!

Dsc05423 Dsc05424 Dsc05426_1

I filled a bag with walnuts last night.  They were plentiful, you see, but not always desirable.  The husk is often cracked when I find them on the ground and sometimes the crack doesn't seem too bad, so I pick 'em up.  Well, here's what I found in the middle of a cracked and somewhat squishy walnut last night.  Tiny little worms -- eeewwwww!  Made me want to put on gloves.  There will be ongoing inspections of the harvest.  I'm sure my cute assistant, Scamp, will continue to help.  He's become so lovey-dovey the last few months.

Dsc05431I didn't know that Ai wasn't finished with her hood when I snapped the picture a few weeks ago.  A few days later, she was painting words -- looks pretty darn cool, if I may say so, and even if her car doesn't have a butt.  I'm glad y'all had a good chuckle over that.  And thanks for the nice comments on the shawl, too!



Ok now I'll give lunch a miss!


I meant to say that I, too, had a sedan fixation when I was a teenager. Until, that is, I got my first car: a hatchback. It's a very useful design. I moved myself and others many times in my little Ford Escort. Now, I have a sedan, and I want my hatchback, well, back!


Ew! Worms! Ew!

Cash Iroha anything is fab. Can't wait for photos.

Lovey Dovey kitties are the best, especially the fuzzy grey kind. :)


You mean you don't wear gloves to open them up? I remember doing that at a friend's once (as teenagers) and our hands were stained green for days. The walnuts were delicious, though. The Kershawl is lovely, dying to see Williamsro done.


I've been researching the walnut harvesting thing. I don't think mine will really be ready for a few more weeks as they haven't started turning yellow, which is supposedly a sign. But the squirrels have finally started to show up so I know we must be close.

La wants me to send her the husks so she can make dye...

Kim/Curlie Girl

Ewwwwww...but very cute assistant!

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