Changes in attitude, or...
The last day of summer

Make mine chocolate

If the weekend was a cupcake and Saturday was the frosting, then this can most definitely be regarded as sprinkles.

I love a good mystery, don't you?



Vicki, You wouldn't do that to a fellow knitting blogger------would you? Too funny!


Sprinkles!? That's the chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream, cherry AND sprinkles.

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!


Mwah hahahahaha! I wonder who it could BE?!


where I come from, we called them jimmies!

you are evil Vicki - you and your coven of co-horts!

remember the cold turkey hat? I see one of these [] in your future ...


hey Ann - we call them jimmies too! I was just, you know, going along with Vicki. I'm INNOCENT I tell you!

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