Outta my way, Norma!
Fine, be that way!

My best friend is a grandma!

There's a new baby on the block, an 8-lb., 11-oz. boy born at 3:00 this morning, making my best friend a grandma for the first time.  It was a long, hard labor and in the end, baby was in distress and without oxygen for a bit so is in ICU 'til tomorrow, but should be okay.  Poor mum hasn't even held him yet and is beside herself -- and very tired.

Guess what I'm wearing!  My first (and so far, only -- but I have intentions) pair of handknit socks!  I was going to link to them, but I never even posted them in the FO gallery!  I'll get right on that...

Dsc05477I had every intention of showing you progress on the back of Williamsro -- I even made progress, some few rows past armhole decreases.  As I was measuring, considering length, and counting cables to make note of where those decreases were made so I could make them in the same place on the fronts, I discovered a mistake.  Blahblahblah, what else is new?  Blahblah, I ripped, blahblah, to a point before the decreases were made, blah.  I'm actually a little further along than this picture shows, but it should be way more.  My deadline is in three weeks!

Right from the very beginning, I was astounded at one particular statistic in my regular emails from Quitnet -- the number of cigarettes not smoked since the quit.  In today's email, Day 189+, that number is 3783, which is very close to 4000, which is just freakin' crazy.  You know what else that translates to?  Time.  I have difficulty counting cables, but I can multiply!  Check my math.  I usually smoked 'em fast -- people would comment on that and I'd joke about 2-minute cigarettes -- so 3783 cigs x 2:00 each = 7566 minutes (conservatively) that I've done something other than smoke.  Seven thousand five-hundred sixty-six minutes divided by 60 minutes in an hour equals 126.1 HOURS (holy crap) divided by 24 hours in a day equals 5.25 damn DAYS.  Quitnet tells me that I've saved/added, presumably to the end of my life, 28 days and 21 hours by not smoking, but that 5.25 days -- wow, that's huge, that's NOW!  Fun with numbers -- it helps to motivate.  The other number is money.  Surprisingly, that one doesn't motivate me as much, but $661.50 isn't anything to scoff at, now, either.  What could that buy besides yarn (that's a given and I've already rewarded myself with fiber aplenty)?  A plane ticket?  Where in the world would I go???



Wow, 5.25 days... you could take a vacation with that. :) Glad to hear it, mom!


I could think of a few places.... ;-)


Come visit us here!


NY!! I am here in Alfred for parents' weekend and noticed a car with Wisconsin plates. for a brief moment I wondered if it were you!

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