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Oh, nuts!

Dsc05362Does anyone know what happened to August?  Holy cow.  I don't think I got an August garden picture, but here's the one for September.  Very green.  I need some fall color!

Dsc05363Every year at this time, the garden is sprinkled with the fruit of our black walnut tree.  It was fairly breezy last night during my photo session and a few fell while I was snapping pics.  One of these babies would make a pretty good knot on your noggin if it hit your head on the way down!  I've been tossing these out of my garden for 18 years.  I think it's time I learned how to harvest them.  I gathered a dozen last night, but there are more. 


I have to get to them before the squirrels, though.

As of this minute, we're still planning to spend one last weekend up north.  It's been a wild see-saw ride, though, with personal feelings and the fact that this will be the fourth weekend in a row that I've NOT been home combined with angst over gas prices and is this "the right thing to do," but it'll be the fourth weekend in a row that I've seen a particular sister and she's always fun and a record could be made, and even though Dad will be at my house NEXT weekend for a short visit, he'll be preparing to leave for home after that and it's now or never as far as visiting up north.  It was SO beautiful a few weeks ago, and promises to be the same this weekend.

I surely do wish I could save the world -- twitch my nose and dry it all up or fix a bridge or beam some folks from there to here or someplace else.  I am so disappointed in how things are going, from reaction to response; that the word "thug" can be used in the same sentence as "New Orleans" today; that people are hungry and sick and continue to die.  I can do my bit and hope and pray that things improve -- and try not to make myself miserable with worry/negative thinking.



You have to get the green shell of the nut - wear rubbergloves or your hands will be colored from the juices of the outer shell. Once you get the shell of, the nuts have to dry. Hang them in a net in a cool dry place. If you luck out, you'll have wonderful walnuts for the holliday sesaon.


Hey Vicki,
People are suffering, it's true. But that doesn't mean you have to deny your own self. The most important thing you CAN do is be with your family. So go and have a good time, laugh and eat, and enjoy the scenery. Oh yeah, and knit something, too.


I've got eleventy hundred black walnut trees in my new yard, too. I've got a guy coming to mow today and I know he's just going to take one look at those walnuts and drive off without unloading the mower. I understand those walnut hull things make great wool dye though. I too will have to try to harvest at least some of these.


For lack of much of anything else to say, why don't you just come knit on my porch and have a cup of coffee? I need a little time out,'s been a tough month.


Hey, the house we just bought has a walnut tree in the yard. My dad told me what to do with them: collect a bunch, put them in a fabric bag and wait until they are all black and rotted on the outside. Then drive over the bag with a car to smash them up and take out the nuts!

I guess my grandparents used to use a piece of train track and a hammer to crack theirs open.


I think you can pickle black walnuts whole.... I stayed with some friends last summer who have an orchard full and she did something like prick them with a fork all over (whilest wearing rubber gloves,)soak them for 12 (or 24) hours in salt water then put them into jars(with vinegar I think).

They taste incredile and are great with cheese and biscuits or a salad so are worth the effort.

Sorry I'm a bit vague on the details. Do be really careful with any juice or liquid though because it will stain everything black.

Hope you can harvest and use those walnuts.


After leaving my earlier comment I have been thinking about walnuts all day (I have a very quiet life at the moment)AND I found you a recipe for pickling walnuts [see url below]

AND I also noticed there are plenty of recipie ideas online if you have the inclination to hull the nuts.


I'm finally catching up on my blog-cruising. You know, if you're into natural dyeing at all, those green walnuts will make a fabulous dye (is it a black walnut tree?)! If you ever need a home for those little guys, I'd love to have a crop of black walnuts to toss into the dyepot!

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