Under the gun
My best friend is a grandma!

Outta my way, Norma!

Yowza, I was just over at Sandy's and now I know why Norma was gold diggin' this morning.  That Gold Hills is some awfully pretty stuff...

Here's my entry(s), Sandy.  I like the one I posted on the weekend, too, if you care to have a look-see.

Sept21a_1 Sept21d_1

On the left, the southern sky late yesterday afternoon with just a few wispy clouds.  On the right, the northern sky at the same time.  Just behind the rooftop is the extreme southern edge of storm clouds that covered the northern half of the state yesterday.  They moved a bit more southerly overnight -- we've got a wet, gray day today.



Ooooo, it's getting competitive here in Blogland.
PS. I hope you win;-)


Sorry I"m so late visiting your sky! Look at them! so beautiful! Even as they are preparing to storm! Maybe especially when a storm is coming!
Poor Norma. :)
I am so sorry to hear of the kids after homecoming. It just breaks my heart....
I don't know what I would do.....

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