Tastes like...


I've had some wine tonight.  IUt doesnpt happen bevery ofetne.  There will be typos.  Continue readign at your own risk; it's a pain in the ass to correcdt them.

Okay, so, "Passowrd," remember Allen :Ludden nad his beautiful wife, Betty Whte (Oh, I LOVE her so much, I could just cry).  I loved that show.  OIn elementerary school, I used to pretned I was sock so I could stay home from school and watch game shoes, especially "Let's Make A Deal' nad Passowrd.

It's hard to type your passsowrd correctly when you've had "some wine>."  At least, hit's hard tiwbhtout having to hit backspCEA  hunderd tiemes.  It's harder to type when y9u're drunk than it is to talk.  Try it sometimele.

So.  MaCk couldn't come today becauys he's had sleeping issues and that means that his momt has had sleepign issues, too, and she's in pain -- big time pain in her bakc.  I todl her that she nedds a msxsssgage.  Her chriorporactor told her that , too.  So Dad came, and Grandma came, and bmy brother and his wife came for brunch.  It was nice.

I went to a "thing" with DH tonight and No, I don't do art.  I'm more of a craftgsperson.  I knit, I embroider, I can e chairs, aI make moscaics -- we;l;;. one or two.  It was nice.  Man, there are a whole lotta talelntedd people ou thtere -- in my own back yardn.  In my house, tooo.




*takes sip, toasts Vicki, takes another sip*


LOL! You have me totally cracking up!!! Pour me a glass too!!


Right there with you. One glass and I'm all ha ha look at me I'm drunk. It really is pretty pathetic.

I totally remember Ludden and White. Always liked them. I was a Match Game girl myself. All those double entendres made me feel so grown-up, even if I didn't know what they were talking about - I knew it was dirty.

You ARE SO an artist. Pishaw!


I loved password! We had the home version and used to play it on the screed-in porch all summer long. There was no electricity there and my mom would light tons of candles and we played games every night in the summer. Thanks for bringing back that happy memory.
Wine is good. Martinis are better. Just saying.


Hehe....hope you don't have a headache this morning! :)

Mary Beth

how are you this morning. ouch.


You don't "do" art.

You are one of the most artistic people I know. I hate the word "crafts" because it seems to put you down.

You are an are-teest, drink more wine!

BTW, hope your feeling ok this morning.(-:

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