Is it a balloon? a basketball?

Tastes like...

Timon...not much!  Mdd said that the giant puffball didn't taste like much.  I told her that mushrooms, in general and regardless of size (no matter how impressive), have very mild flavor.  I think that most of the people I know who dislike mushrooms object much more to the texture than the flavor.  Am I right?

It's Friday!  Mdd's going to her first high school football game tonight -- the planning has been going on for days!  Kt is coming home tonight for the weekend, mainly because we'll be having visitors that she'd like to see, but also because she'd like to grab a few things she forgot.  M*c will be coming over for brunch tomorrow with his mom and dad and maybe a brother.  And he's going to meet his grandpa!  My brother and his wife are coming, too.  I haven't finalized the menu yet -- I have to do that yet today and then go shopping.

I think DH has a short list he'd like me to tackle this weekend, but otherwise I'll be visiting -- and deciding which wool I want to get on the needles!  The other Williamsro sleeve?  A sock?  One of the two or three Tanguy hats due by Christmas?  Decisions, decisions.

Have a great weekend!



I can't stand the texture of mushrooms. I nearly shudder thinking about it.


Will mushroom be on the menu;-)

Enjoy your weekend, too!!


I love mushrooms! Any kind, any way!
Have fun this weekend and give Mack a smooch from me and Ambrynn.


Hmmm. Maybe it is a texture thing. Some mushrooms I like, some I don't. I have many problems with texture - for instance I can't eat watermelon. Love the taste, HATE the texture. Same thing with coconut.

High school football games - brings me back. Give Mack some BIG smoochies for me.


It's true in my case. I can't stand the way they feel in my mouth! Yuck!


YES. a Texture thing. Definitely. *YICK*

Ahh... HS. football games are so fun, when you're in high school. ;)

Have a good one, Vicki!


Have a great weekend and happy knitting, whatever you choose to cast on.


For me it is the texture - yuck! But something about portabellos is different, they're almost like meat.

Have a great family weekend - sound like lots of fun!

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