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My Red Barn Pansy Kershawl

What the...?

Forgive me.  There are no pictures of Kershawl today -- hopefully, tomorrow.  The wild, woollies carried on way longer than usual yesterday.  Three-fifths of my family had doctor appointments sprinkled throughout the day, there were meetings to attend, forms to fill out, yadda-cetera.  I'm getting up way before the sun these days, too, and it was extra-dark this morning because of rain.  I tried.

Oooh, but Kershawl is an absolute FO -- not a "being blocked" FO.  I wove in the ends (all two!) and then draped it over my shoulders for a while last night, even though the a/c was on.  It's just perfect -- and cooler weather arrives tomorrow!  I'm anxious to start another with the yarn I bought over Labor Day weekend.

Do y'all wear your shawls?  I nearly wore out my Shapely last year.  But the one I knit for my sister has yet to be worn -- she feels "too dressy" in a nothing-but-garter-stitch shawl -- and another sister made a comment using the word "grandma" in relation to wearing a shawl.  I believe I pointed out that statistically and numerically, she could be!  Anyway, these are pretty utilitarian shawls I've knit and they're easy to wear layered over a shirt or even a lightweight sweater, and I wonder how I'd feel about something more lacey.



I have never made or worn a shawl because I've always thought they would keep falling off my shoulders and I'd have to be constantly hitching them back up - which would be a pain.I figured an end or edge would invariably end up dipped in my tea or something. I guess I don't stay still long enough. When do you wear yours?


Am I working today? No. Am I folding clothes? No. What am I doing? I'm knitting my shawl! I can't wait for it to be finished. If that makes me a grandma type so be it!

PS - I'm ready. ;-)


alright that's it. what is going on??!! what are you and Cara both ready for?!


I *love* wearing my shawls, even though I may look pretty funny in my big baggy cargo pants and a lacey shawl, but I wear them around the house in the winter so I can keep the thermostat down and I wear them at work when the air conditioning is a bit too high and I wear them out at night over a tank top with pajama pants when I run to the grocery store. What's the point of making such beautiful things if you're not gonna wear them? That's my philosophy. :)


I think it is the word shawl that makes it seem "grandma-y" call it a wrap and it's high fashion.
I've only made one shawl and I did wear it a few times this winter over my coat to keep the chill off while walking to school. My only problem was that it was made with the hariest, poofiest mohair I have ever seen and I couldn't keep the fuzz out of my mouth.
So wear your shawl proudly, you put a lot of work into it.


I pulled my Charlotte out of the closet last week and have savored draping it over my shoulders a couple of times already in the evenings. It's just perfect and it makes me so happy.


Can't wait to see it!!


I do around the house, but I haven't ventured outside wearing one yet.

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