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I was just reading about Lance Armstrong and "his handlers."  Huh?  They're P.R. people, aren't they, struggling to keep the spotlight on ol' Lance, his name in the news, endorsement and licensing offers rolling in?  Well, they must be doing an okay job -- I noticed his name this morning -- but the fact that Lance has "handlers" is kind of sickening.  Has comes off as arrogant -- has he always been that way?  I wonder if he really is.  I'm not sure that's even the right word -- he seems even beyond arrogance.  Is there a word for that?  Am I the last to know?

Mdd's home sick today -- a late summer cold.  I wonder if something's going around.  I talk to a machine when I call her in, so no one to ask.

We're a four-car family -- and as sick as that sounds, especially with gas still over $3/gallon in these parts, I'm without wheels today.  Ai needed some transmission work and it was supposed to be done yesterday, but guess what?  Yeah.  Kt's at school and DH rode the ferry across the lake yesterday for a work thing, so Ai has my car and dropped me off at work on her way to school this morning and she has to work this afternoon/evening and, well, fingers are crossed that I'll find a way home tonight.

I cast off the Cash Iroha part of my sleeve and cast on the Blossom part and I'm amped about this sweater -- I hope the feeling holds.  There are just a few Blossom rows to go; I think I'm going to block them as soon as it's off the needles.  On the weekend itinerary is a meet-up with Mom at the farmer's market tomorrow -- early -- and then driving down to a shop I've never been to before, The Knitting Room in Fond du Lac.  I'm on a mission and I think they've got what I need!  Football on Sunday.  Check out one of the cutest Packer fans I've ever seen.  All little Henry needs is a little cheesehead!


Amy Lu

Vicki, You'll almost be in my parts!

The Knitting Room is a nice little shop. I think they are really coming along well. They've grown since they've opened, and I dont mean in size. My friend Roberta is teaching for them.

I dont' know what route you take south, but I'll be in Kiel from 10-4 Saturday at a craft fair for my yarn shop. Me and the owner's teenage son. Painfully quiet teenage son. If it's on your way, stop and see us. I have no idea where we'll be, but Kiel is a one horse kinda town, you should be able to find us. *grin*

Have fun!


Lance is our home-town hero and I guess in some ways he's earned his swelled head, but I don't care about bikes or Sheryl Crowe, so I don't think about him much. Celebrity is such a silly thing.


Ooh I can't wait to see a finished sweater! Yay! Have a great weekend. L, C


aww, thanks Vickie! :)


When do we get to see a preview of the sweater parts?? :-) I am excited to see how yours turns out as it is now on my 'list'.


yes! photos of blossom are eagerly anticipated! :)

We're going to be in your neck of the woods this weekend... well sort of... Gays Mills is about 90 minutes from my parents house. We're going apple pickin!

Have a great weekend, Vicki.

Amy Lu

HI Vicky, correction on where we're going to be... We'll be in CHILTON at the Ledgeview Nature Center. Oops. The LYS owner just told me this morning, it's good to know where I should be driving to....

Amy Lu

Ugh! Sorry! Vicki with an "i" not "y"! It's too early in the morning to be typing...


I have been out of the news loop for an entire day due to all my electronic problems ---- what's going on with Lance? last I read, France was belly aching about performance enhancing drugs .....

you know Vicki, Lance is a cancer survivor and etiquette demands that you love and even embrace all cancer survivors. And their handlers.


Oh my! Kiel... New Holstein... Chilton??? You were about 10 miles from my home in Valders!!!

If only I had been home this weekend. You will have to read my next post (probably tomorrow or Tuesday even, TERRIBLE weekend with parent-in-law health problems)to find out where I was on this beautiful weekend.

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