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I've got answers.  My darling PurlingSwine wishes to know about the pigs in yesterday's photo.  I'd be lying if I said that I didn't wonder whether she would notice them.  ; )  They are plastic piggy banks from the Tillamook County (Oregon) Fairgrounds Skating Rink and must be 20 years old or so; I don't recall their significance.  DH has written something about "Saving for That Buick" on the opposite side of one -- I think that has something to do with his childhood.

Dsc05525rDsc05521rI don't know what any of this stuff is, other than chopsticks on the left, noodles in the middle, bottles of something (an ingredient, a beverage?) on the right, and I'm not sure when I'll find out!  Fascinating, though, and so pretty, and those packages of noodles are just neat to hold.  Do you think that some of the writing on the bottle is nutrition information?  DH and Hiroo return home briefly today before heading up to Green Bay for events and demos; Hiroo is giving at lecture at UW this afternoon.

I knit only a few rows last night on a sock I'm not sure I like.  I looked at some other socks, considered starting a hat or two or three, wondered about a shrug.  I think I'll be making something along the lines of Shirley Paden's shrug/shawl in the Fall IK for my mom for Christmas.  Truth be told, I'd like one for myself.  If I buy yarn at Rhinebeck, some of it better be for the shrug (I'm not buying Kashmir!).  I ordered yarn for M*c's Weasley the other day (I can't wait), but it won't be here for a while.  I made some 2-point (WW) chocolate muffins, ate some not-2-point chocolate chip cookies.  Mostly, I was trying not to knit, trying to heed the pain in my wrist -- a result of all that cleaning and rearranging of furniture which I tend to do single-handedly because I don't have time to wait for help.  Anyway, it's hard.  I tried to tell myself that maybe Brett and the boys would win if I paid more attention to the game than to my knitting, but it didn't seem to make a difference.  Almost, but not quite.  I forgot to wear my colors.  That's it, I'm sure.

Lifted from AnnWhat obsolete skill are you?

You are 'programming in QBASIC.' This programming language (the acronym stands for 'Quick Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code') was current more than a decade ago and is so primitive that it cannot easily be used for any purpose involving the Internet or even sound. You are independent -- in a good way. When something which you need cannot be found, you make it yourself. In writing and in talking with people, you value clarity* and precision; your friends may not realize how important that is. When necessary, you are prepared to be a mediator in conflicts between your friends. You are very rational, and you think of things in terms of logic and common sense. Unfortunately, your emotionally unstable friends may be put off by your devotion to logic; they may even accuse you of pedantry and insensitivity. Your problem is that programming in QBASIC has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
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*And clarity I was not feeling in the second sentence (and maybe the third), so I had to fix it.



thanks for the porcine edification!! here is a link to a terrific shrug pattern - actually two shrug patterns!


I was Latin. Like Ann.

Sorry about the Pack. Georgie put the game on while I was getting ready for bed and I was saying how bad I feel for you. I hope it gets better. I'm sure it was the colors. ;-)


I was French. Very obsolete, it seems. C'est la vie. I can't wait to see the dinner those goodies produces

Kim/Curlie Girl

I was "growing one's own food" which is kind of ironic because I failed miserably when trying to grow my own tomatoes for the first time.

Bookish Wendy

Holy cow, it's been a long time! I'm all caught up over here and really looking forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck!!!! I'm afraid I might squish you all with my hugs ;)

queen t

the stuff in the bottle is tsuyu. Tsuyu is like a broth usually used with the noodles. The noodles you have look like they could be somen (a thin wheat noodle).

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