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Dsc05526It is going to be 83 degrees today; tomorrow, 53.  Thunderstorms are due to roll through this evening -- some, they say, may be severe.  Ya think?

In this picture of morning's rising sun, there is a branch closer to you than all the rest with lighter colored leaves.  That's an ash and it's leaves are quickly turning and falling -- it's the very first to do so every year and, of course, it is my favorite.  I love the range of yellows, greens and, especially, purples.  I'm not a purple freak, but this sings to me every year.  I wonder how the sudden and dramatic temperature change will affect our foliage -- if there's any foliage still clinging to the vine after the severe weather.  I know you're all watching "As The Pin Oak Turns" over at Norma's and I could never hope to beat her in the ratings, but perhaps some of you will be interested in the "Ashes of Our Lives."

There has been more than one real, network soap opera set in Wisconsin.  I'm not sure what that means, but I'm doing my part.

Dsc05529Okay, enough silliness.  Here's my sock (on bed of creeping thyme and leaves) which I was not liking so much on Monday night, but better on Tuesday night.  This is with two completed repeats and it's my third try with this yarn -- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (the yarn specified for two of the three tries).  First, I tried the Rib & Cable Socks.  Then Waving Lace Socks (Sandy of The Skies, click on that link because the sky pretty much steals the show, here's another -- it's been a great summer).  Shown is Nancy Bush's Fancy Silk Sock from her new book, Knitting Vintage Socks.  I added a repeat and, really, the yarn is doing okay except for a small, solid green area on one side.  I didn't not have a problem with pooling or splashing or anything weird with any of the previous tries done over 60 stitches (I have to say, Waving Lace is my favorite incarnation so far) and I'll just have to see if I can live with what happens over 72.

Dsc05530An artsy-fartsy close-up.  DH and Hiroo both slept very, very well last night.  No surprise there.  They have the morning to "relax" and will head toward Green Bay later this morning.  Hiroo is interested in looking at some condominium communities, multi-family developments along the way.  I wasn't able to attend his lecture yesterday, but hope I have an opportunity to have a private viewing of his PowerPoint presentation, at least -- all about Japanese architecture (the good, the bad and the ugly!).  It looks like Sunday will be a time to relax, also, before the big departure (and he'll be cooking for our mid-day meal that day!), so maybe then.  Today, Hiroo will be joining another group and touring historic Green Bay while DH prepares for the kimono presentation.  He will not only have make-up applied, but will also learn "the moves."  I'm looking forward to this evening.

Finally, Wednesday is my WW weigh-in day:  minus 1 lb. this week, for a total of 4 lbs. lost in two weeks.  That's not bad, not bad at all, considering that I've been horrible about both water and exercise, but I have been pretty good about tracking -- and that makes me think about and consider every single thing that passes between my lips.



We are so far apart, geographically, but our weather seems to be the same. Rain tomorrow, a lot cooler..hmm I love the colour of those socks. They are so delicate looking. Must be the Japanese influence in the house.


I just got back from a run and it's almost hot here. Not unbearable, but hot still. And humid. We've had ridiculous fog in the mornings. Our weather is supposed to change after rains as well.

As I said over at Norma's, I'm not expecting good color this year. Everything's dry and brown right now and the rain won't help. Maybe it'll all turn right in time for Rhinebeck. Wouldn't that be special!



I think the sock looks great. Funny, I just printed off that pattern about 10 minutes ago.


There will be pictures of the husband wearing the kimono, right?
Good job on WW!


love that sock yarn Vicki! shall I whip up something good and weight watchery for dinner on Thursday? or would you prefer to go to hell with ourselves?


Waiting to see the DH in the kimono! It isn't even 50 here today. Snow on the more leaves:-(
Your sock is looking good!


Sounds like a fun night tonight :-). Sock looks great. And can you hear me clapping for your weight loss so far -- great job!


Our weather got cold a week or two ago and I love visiting my favorite color-changing trees around town.

The sock looks good. I'm going to have to eventually knit that pattern again, with a smoother yarn.


heeheehee, "As the Pin Oak Turns," and "The Ashes of Our Lives"...... Be careful of typos in that last one!


Oh, I'm clicking! And I wonder, what sock?? haha!Those skies certainly ARE gorgeous! As is the sun on your ash. heehee!
tsk really.
I will be tuning in for the Ashes of our lives. Yup.
p.s. nice sock!

Kim/Curlie Girl

The weather has been crazy here too! So nice and warm...makes one think that winter will never arrive. Yeah. Right. We have the same forecast too...incrediblky warm, then a drop in temperature and thunderstorms. Guess we should enjoy it while it last...hehe!

By the way, I'm drooling over those lace socks!

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