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Dsc05691If you were in Rhinebeck last weekend, you no doubt saw this lady -- probably more than once.  Striking.  Even if you'd never be caught dead wearing this hat, you've got to admire the creativity and workmanship -- reminds me a little of stegosaurus bumps -- and the colors were just gorgeous.  Well, -I- thought so.  Maybe it's because I don't wear hats that I admire them so!  Maybe I need to try one like this.

Dsc05692We finally stopped her in her tracks and chatted for a bit.  She allowed me to take some pictures and shared her web address with us.  Her name is Kathryn Alexander and her website is here.  She has kits for vests and sweaters, she teaches, sells wheels, sponsors retreats.  I shouldn't be thinking this way, but doesn't that sound like fun?

Didn't I just return from a retreat-y like thing?  I miss you guys.  Wish I could give you a real, live hug.



I didn't realize that was actually Kathryn Alexander!! Craziness.


Where the hell was I? I don't remember her at all. Wow.

Seems like it was ages ago doesn't it! This weekends going to be lonely - G has to work and I have to work and it just won't be the same!


You think dinosaur, I think CAKE. It looks like an amazing birthday CAKE to me. Okay, I need to go have a lie-down after thinking about CAKE.


Oh yes, she's written up in Knitting In America. I recongnised the hat right away. Reality is hard to face after a wonderful weekend with grrlfriends. Thank goodness we have the blogs.


That is a great hat! In my one and only sock book( Socks a Spin-Off Publication), there is a pattern for entrelac socks by Kathryn that was the reason I bought the book - I still have yet to make them, though.Thanks for reminding me.


shows you what I know (or you for that matter!) I have never heard of Kathryn Alexander .... at least until we met her. Maybe we should have asked for her autograph!

thanks for the virtual hugs! you're the best! and here's a Barely Manlyo song just for you!

***sung to the tune of Mandy

I remember your bare crown
When the rain was coming down.
Looking in your eyes
I see a memory,
I never realized
You needed a h-at

ohoh Vicki
well you knit and you knit and you k-nit
but you knit no berets.
ohoh Vicki
will you please cast on
for a chapeau
you can wear them with pride
don't you know?


I think I liked Ann better when she was all sad. ;-) Did she break into the Sheep Shearer stash or something?


Wow! Great hat! Lucky you to have stopped her to chat, too. Sounds like a lady to behold.


That's cool - Kathryn is also the designer of the tremendous Color-on-Color scarf from Scarf Style that's a real showstopper of a project, just like her hat. It seems she has a pretty singular style, but why fuss with something if it works so well?


Wow! That looks like a lot of work!

Kim/Curlie Girl

That is one great hat...the colourwork and design is so unique! Good for you for stopping her!


That is stunning -- thanks for the link!


Hi there! I didn't see this woman at all. What a hat!! But I did see you! ;0) Knitting in the lobby was a blast. Can't wait to do it again next year!

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