The boat leaves today

I'm home

Dsc05695rIt's not particularly late, but I'm going to curl up like this little Rhinebeck lamb just as soon as I can.  I had a fine and fabulous weekend with some fine and fabulous women!  It may not have started off quite as planned, what with rain and all, and it may not have continued quite as planned, what with rain and all, and I may even have had to listen to the Barry Manilow sing-along-hour while stuck in traffic with no escape (guess who), but we eventually made it to our destination and the rain did stop and oh, what fun.  It was my first such event and I don't regret a minute.

I'm sleepy.



you spelled that wrong ---- it's Barely Manly-o!

ooohhhhMandy, well you came and you gave without taking. but I sent you away ohohohooh Mandy. will you kiss me and stop me from shaking ....... cause I NEED YOU!!


I thought it was Barry Manifold?!?
Glad you had a good time and happy to hear you have arrived home safely. Could we see the haul, please? After you've slept, of course.


Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl....


Wah...I missed you.

 kathy b

I love the little lamb. It looks me.

I saw Barry in concert at Ravinia years ago. The whole place was dancing to copa cabana. I am not ashamed to say it was a blast. He wrote some great commercials you know.


It was lovely to meet you! Now get some rest :)


Oh man, that lamb is adorable. I took some pics at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival too, but none that cute.

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