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Last night, as part of the "Two Cultures One Spirit" Japan/Wisconsin Arts Exchange (aka "Japan On The Road," like it says on my new t-shirt), my mom and I attended an art exhibit and reception with demonstrations, and a presentation of silk Kinukoromo (kimonos) by Fumiko Nozaki, at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay.


Textiles in the exhibit included the quilted silk hanging above, and Minoru Ishihara's "Spirit Garden," the hand-dyed/marbled piece below.


The fabric marbling demo was fascinating.


Here, Minoru is using a straw to blow the dye around on a surface of water.  He also employed various sticks, brushes and combs.  At one point, nearly finished, he didn't like what was happening, so he pulled the dye off with newsprint and started over.  (And, you know, it looked just fine to the peanut gallery.)


The first large photo above was taken at the end of the presentation, and the second was a group shot taken in the gallery.  Let me just say that there are many visual artists in this group who could moonlight quite successfully as performance artists!  Not my DH, thanks, but some of the others.

You may recall that DH was to model in the kimono presentation.  I can't even describe how beautiful and luxurious his garment was.  The richness of the silks and colors and patterns were breathtaking.  I can't imagine the cost of one of these -- I heard $10,000 in passing.  It was all just spectacular and I guess the pictures do the talking...


I will have more pictures tomorrow.  The kimono show goes on the road for a repeat performance tomorrow evening in Madison (Memorial Union, 5:00).  If you're in that area, catch it if you can; you won't be disappointed.


This afternoon -- this very chilly afternoon -- they're all headed to Waupaca for a fall color boat tour on the Chain O' Lakes and then a pot-luck supper.  I think they'll be raiding the closet and layering up in flannel rather than silk today!  Our temperature did indeed fall quite far, but it is quite sunny -- it's a nice fall day.



Excellent! Rusty looks so thrilled to be there! ;-) (Tell him I'm busting his chops!) Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

My question - what do they do with the dye once he gets it right on the water? Do they then dip the fabric in? Or is the fabric in the water already?

Thanks for sharing!


Oh my! Absolutely breathtaking! The colors and the patterns are amazing. Never seen nothing like that before. I wish I could have been there to see it in person.


What a wonderful cultural exchange! I hope there has been a good turnout for the events. I particularly enjoyed the links you provided re: the exchange program.


Some of the embroidered kimonos go for 6 figures. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing this event. There was a time my first love was all things Japanese.


lovely ----- and your man there looks fab in silk!


Spectacular phots, Vicki! Lovely, lovely silk. Lovely DH, too!


Wow! What a fun experience for you, your Mom and your hubby!

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