Socked in

Girls with sippy cups

Dsc05626_1I didn't even think to look at the back of this photo.  If the photographer is who I think it is, it would most certainly have the date on the back.  My guess is fall of '89 or spring of '90 -- that's my niece and Ai, I'm guessing 2-going-on-3, with a 4-going-on-5 Kt in the middle.  They are wearing their matching Hanna Andersson dresses -- red and purple striped knit, each worn to within an inch of its life.  Absolutely loved as was every single one of the very few pieces of HA clothing my grrs ever had -- had to save a few dimes to buy 'em, but they were great clothes!

Dsc05629_1The photo is on the fridge at my sister's where the grrs all got together for a sleep-over on Friday night.  It was my BIL's idea to recreate it.  We did our very best, right down to Ai wearing mittens!  Now, they're 18-going-on-19 and 20-going-on-oh-my-god-it-cannot-be-21.  We had a lot of fun doing this and it makes me think of other favorite old photos we could recreate -- like Mdd and my nephews, one of them with bright red lipstick.  Okay, maybe not that one.  I also recalled a book that was a project for Wisconsin's sesquicentennial, Wisconsin Then and Now.  Looks like fun.

I am wearing my only pair of hand-knit, wooly socks today -- my toes are nice and toasty!  I'm making progress on the second pair, though, having turned the heel on the first of the pair last night.  Oh, I love it -- both the sock and the process!  The new pair are a much finer gauge and I'm anxious to wear them.  It is Socktober, you know; go tell Lolly that you want to sign up!  I'm lonely there in the "V" section, won't someone join me -- how about socks, Vicki?



I love recreated pictures! It's a very cool process. Yay for more knit socks!

Stephanie Vw

That is hysterical. I've got piles of photos of me and two of my cousins who were closest to me in age. I'm going to talk to them about doing this kind of thing the next time we're all together. Somehow, I doubt I'll be able to convince them to wear plaid pants and green velvet jackets.


When my daughter was a baby, I recreated one of my favourite baby pictures of myself with her - sitting in the kitchen sink. Everyone said she looked so much like me as a baby. Now, most people think my kids look nothing like me at all. Hmmph. Maybe the girls can pose for the same photo when they are forty.



That is so fab! Your girls are fantastical.


Neat photos! Time sure does fly.


So funny! I almost scanned a picture of my brother and sister and me today - but I remembered it's in storage and I'm too busy cleaning to get it. ;-)


What a delightful idea! I will have to show my (grown) kids... they will either love or hate the idea, but I think it would be most fun to try out.


What a great idea! Both pictures are gorgeous! I think we're going to have to steal your idea!

carolyn h

cute pics...ooohh hannah anderson, i forgot about 19 and 16 year olds wore her stuff to death too! wonderful garments, the best!


what a cool picture! even the mittens look the same.


I started a pair of grown up socks in Trek XXL and loved doing it, but the moss stitch pattern I chose ended up being way too loose. I'm going for Cara's Jaywalker when I head back. Also, I'm a PG-R fan of the short row heel without a gusset. I'll keep you posted!

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