Socks and smiles
Girls with sippy cups

Socked in

I wonder if there are any planes taking off with people bound for Japan -- or anywhere -- this morning.  It's really foggy outside!  I saw "fog" on the weather map this morning, but it was all way south and wasn't supposed to be around here.

Dsc05621Dsc01806M*c says, "Hi."  He's so smart... see?  He knows how to wave.  ; )  He also answers the question, "What is the baby with the world's cutest chin wearing this fall?"  Opptuna, of course, knit by his most wonderful aunt.  He wore it to the farmer's market, where we also saw a Madison S&B chapter knitting on the lawn of the capitol.  But back to M*c... isn't he adorable?  Very snuggly, too.  Four months old tomorrow.  I can't believe it.  And in two weeks, they'll be trying to make one (we hope) or more (yikes!) sister and/or brother for him!  I'm starting the good baby-making karma now... you can, too. I was able to wrest him away from his nana for a little while on Saturday and I got lots of smiles (but none on "film"), we cooed and gurgled at each other a lot, and he spit up on me numerous times.  You'll have that.

Oh, it was such a busy weekend.  The kimono show on Friday night in Madison went fine -- DH the model was much more comfortable.  On Saturday, they took a round-about way through Kohler to another gallery event.  Our guest, being an architect, is quite familiar with the Kohler company, but he never put Kohler the city in Wisconsin and Kohler the design center and Kohler the company together, so it was a real treat for him that it turned to be all the same thing!

On Sunday morning, they went down to Milwaukee and saw the art museum -- witnessed the opening and closing of the "wings" -- and the war memorial.  They came back in time for Hiroo to cook for us!  Woo.  More on that tomorrow, I think.  I will say that it was delicious!  Then, the farewell get-together last night -- where someone flashed me their handknit socks and talked about some they made from homespun, too!  DH has been talking... and I might have a new friend.  She lives on a farm.  She has sheep.

Socktoberfest_1Last for today, but certainly not least, I've signed up for Lolly's Socktoberfest.  Since we're talking socks, I've begun working the slip-stitch heel on mine.  Precious little knitting time all weekend, but I'll be making up for that soon.  Like tonight!

Then I've got to start packing...



he really is the world's cutest baby! we are having shitty weather here too (although I think it is to clear out by this weekend). Send me your flight info please so I can call ahead and see if your plane is on time ....... can't wait!!


So sorry to dump you off at Ann's. ;-) I hope the accomodations are acceptable.

Packing already!? I haven't even started cleaning yet!


Ohhhhh those baby pictures are too too precious! Makes me want another baby!


Can't wait to see your sock progress! Thanks for joining Vicki--you are still the only "V" on the list :)


He is *so* cute! I'm excited for your Rhinebeck Report, V!


He IS the world's cutest baby wearing the world's cutest sweater!


He is sooooooooooo cute!!!


What a cutie pie! And he looks so snuggly!

Mary Beth

Cute! Love that Opptuna on him!


Vicki, Mack is adorable!!!!! He will be a good big brother to a little sister or brother. He looks so cute in Opptuna.

Amy Lu

Vicki, you were in Kohler? You were only 8 minutes away from me! (In my natural habitat) I love the pictures of the girls, Iris adores her Hannas too! Have you signed up for Midwest Masters yet? It's only 6 months away! (grin)

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