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Dsc05603I don't know how I missed it 'til now, but I did and the deadline draws near.  Here is my photo for Jane's sock contest.  That's my only pair of finished socks, nice woolies that may well adorn my feet as soon as I hit "save" because it's darn chilly tonight, and the start of my second pair of which I wrote this morning.  I was even able to get a few rows knit at lunch today.

Copy_of_dsc05593Mdd walked out the front door with the dog the other day and saw this arrangement of leaves and twig; she was so struck by the naturally occurring "smile" that greeted her on the sidewalk and had to run back in for the camera to take a picture.  It is kind of cute in a macaroni & cheese way.

And since I'm here blogging, I'd like to share something I found when I was visiting Lynne down under this afternoon.  She had a link for "Knitting With Mum," a radio knit-along at Melbourne's vega 91.5.  A certain set of instructions for a mystery project is given during the show every morning, while knitting with mum (I don't know what kind of music mum likes), and in the end you'll have... something... that you've knit yourself.  I just love this idea!!  It appears that the directions are posted each day, as well, so anyone can knit along!

And did I tell you that I'm finally getting the cure for my M*c Attack?  I'm going on a quick day trip to Madison tomorrow.  I'll have to fight off my mom, who trumps me with her grandma status, but I'll get me some snuggles somehow -- and smiles!  Have a great weekend.



I love the sidewalk smile, toooo cute. It always makes me happy to find things like that happening randomly in naure!
The kimono photos are just lovely!


I'm in the one pair club too! Have fun with the baby tomorrow.


My sock output is so pathetic I've decided not to enter.

Kisses for Mack! Have a great time!


Looks like the Lorna's Laces are coming along nicely now. Have fun with Mack!

Kim/Curlie Girl

That sidewalk smile is fabulous!


The socks look great!

Guess what? In about 30 minutes we are leaving to go to Kaukauna!!! I wish that I had realized that Grignon Park was in Kaukauna sooner, we could have met up somewhere. The oldest daughter has a soccer game there this afternoon.

Ahh, but even if I had mentioned it earlier, we are SOOO busy with DH's parents, DH's new job, and lovely children who are active in a bunch of stuff that I probably couldn't have found 10 minutes of peace to have a chat anyway.

Next time :)

Mary Beth

Way to go Maddy! Talk about good observation skills!


You definitely need some more socks! I will add you to Socktoberfest :) Thanks for joining!

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