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I'm home

The boat leaves today

Man, it's wet here. I lived on the Oregon coast for a couple of years and it's wet there, too, but it's a long, drawn-out, expected wet -- these people in the east are under an open faucet and they're kinda freakin' out. I can't really blame them. Eight days without sunshine is a lot; I think I went nearly 40 once in Oregon. Oh, that was bad.

Can you believe Cara left me a comment while I was sleeping across the hall? The pizza was great, thank you. I slept very well -- never heard you come into the room -- and pretty late!

So Ann will pull up to the dock early this afternoon and we'll be launched for Rhinebeck! I wonder if there will be cake.



I'm sure Norma won't really eat the whole thing. have a ton of fibery fun.


Have a great time!

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