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Dsc05720Dsc05721"Ashes of Our Lives" is a very good, but very short show.  That's my favorite ash in the back yard a couple of days ago -- leafless.  Not a single one.  That's mostly oak as a backdrop to the bare naked branches.  I turn my attention to my other favorite tree in the neighborhood, a fiery maple that's two doors down.  It illuminates the whole block!

Dsc05729I have a finished Socktoberfest sock!  Casting on today for the second.  Can you believe Lolly has had 295 people sign up?!  Incredible.

It's the Fancy Silk Sock from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks" and I love it!  Without knowing a thing about it, DH, while admiring last night, said that the design and even the yarn looked kind of old-fashioned.  Too funny.  It's my first kitchenered toe!  The kitchen table seems to be where I end up doing my finishing work -- seaming, blocking, and now kitchenering.  I had one false start with the kitchener -- a momentary lapse before figuring out what was meant by "first stitch" and "second stitch" in the directions.  Duh.  It's a pretty cool trick!


Newsflash:  If a truck carrying 42,000 pounds of knitting yarn takes a turn in Utah too fast and SPILLS ON THE HIGHWAY, are there any knitters around to clean up the spoils?

I wound up all my Rhinebeck yarn last night.  I realized that the Brooks Farm yarn reminds me a lot of my own Kool-aid dyed yarn.  If it's possible, I love the Socks That Rock yarn even more than before, and the fuzz around the Haiku ball is like a halo.  The Haiku will likely be worked up first, since the rest is mostly for me.

Dsc05732_1Dsc05733Like many others, I'm still on a Rhinebeck high.  It's hard coming down.  I just don't want to -- I had such a great time!  Though plans were juggled a bit at the outset, I have no complaints.  Cara will make apologies up and down the highway -- even about the highway -- but don't let her fool you, she is a very fine hostess.  I was quite comfortable in her home -- the mark of fine hostessing, in my opinion -- and I thank her and G for taking me in.

Did you see us horsepowering out of the fairgrounds on Saturday night?  Whoooaa, yeah! That was us!!  I think Ann was ready to crawl under the seat, she was so embarrassed!  You may have shaken a fist or cursed us as Peggy maneuvered rocketed us into prime exiting position.  You all should know that it was Cara's fault, really, and I'm sure you'll understand.  She challenged Peggy and there was just no choice.  I'd drive anywhere with either of them.  (Thank you so much!)

You've seen the Rhinebeck links and pictures everywhere.  Do I really have to do it?  Mine are almost exactly the same!  Is that lazy?  My head just spins every time I think about it.  I feel like I've been to a big family reunion -- I saw all my sisters and cousins, talked to each one briefly, nodded to hoards of distant relatives I'd never laid eyes on before, rubbed shoulders with some of them, but didn't have enough time with any one of them!  I find myself in a happy little fog about it all.  So many new and great knitters!  I do want to give a special shout to "Mary in Boston" -- you made my day!  Next time, you're with us!



Yowsa! I see what you mean about the tree! That's very sad. We had a very chilly night here last night but the no leaf turned. I think Rheinbeck hypnotized everyone into sock knitters. Glad you had fun.

Mary in Boston

The sock is gorgeous! I have two more projects to finish up and then I am trying my own first pair!

And definitely, next year, I'm with youse guys!!! (I sing Barry Manilow very well)



Vicki --- your sock looks wonderful!!!

just last night Peggy and I were on our way to the spinning guild meeting, she was driving, and she beeped at someone. I accused her of being a NY driver, used the parking lot 'incident' as an example. She agrees with you ----- she had no choice once Cara dared her! too funny.

myself, I turn into Chip & Dale behind the wheel -- "after you ... no after you ... I insist ..."


Oh man! A truck filled with yarn overturned on the highway! A knitter's dream! (so long as no one gets hurt)


How come I don't remember daring Peggy? I think you guys are making it up!

Sock looks fantastic and I will love it always because part of it was knit on my sofa. You are an excellent guest, by the way.

Phone's in the mail as of yesterday. Let me know when you get it. Should be tomorrow.



GAH! How in the hell did I miss the yarn spill?! Someone should have called all knitters. I would have driven the hour and a half to Parley's canyon just to "help" pick up the yarn... you know... for a *small* fee. :D


Yarn spill!? Yarn spill!? Yes, we are SOOOO there. We'll show the spoils if it ever happens (and maybe share) ;-)

I spoke to Cara today on the phone! It was better than talking to one of my sisters. You grrls ALL rock!


Can you believe that yarn spill? Funnnny. It's probably all acrylic shite, though.

Awesome sock, babe!


Oh, Vicki, I'm trying to get caught up on my 277 bloglines updates and I just read through your wonderful last 3 entries and had so much to say. It went something like this:
Ooooh, pretty, I love it, mmhhm, You are so funny, sounds like fun.
Or something!
Love your socks! Love your yarn from Rhinebeck. And you are lucky to have stayed with Cara.
AND welcome to the knit along!


Love the socks :)


Oh those socks are gorgeous!

Amy Lu

Vicki, I just love reading your blog. Do you need to share your pictures of Rhinebeck? Heck yeah! I want to see it throught the eyes of someone I know! It is my hope and dream to go next year!

Great socks!


I love the sock, Vicki! It really is beautiful. Glad you al lhad such a great time at Rhinebeck - it sure sounds like a special weekend.

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