Would you like that in checking or savings?
Too young

Trick or treat...


...smell my feet!  (Mmmm, smells like Lorna's Laces!)  Details tomorrow, but first...


Give me something good to eat!  (Couldn't you just gobble him up?!)  Happy Halloween!



He is delicious. And the socks are too! I love the colour. It's too bad kids don't call out much at the door anymore. There's hardly any "Trick or treat!" even, they mostly KNOCK. Where's the fun in that?

Cindy D

Love your socks!!! And the baby's costume is precious. Happy Halloween!


Socks or baby, baby or socks...which first? Got to be baby 'cos he's adorable but your socks are a very close second. I love the way you can sit little cuties like that on your hip and enjoy them (I'm still talking babies and not socks here although if you want to stick your socks on your hips that's fine by me too! ;)


This is the kind of post that makes me give meaningful looks to my unmarried childless son. Not to mention my feet thinking my hands should learn how to knit socks. All these unfair expectations due to your post. Cruel. But wonderful :-)


I'm having a Mac attack! he keeps getting cuter and cuter.

is that your house? and furthermore, is that a spinning wheel by the fireplace?


Oh I love that costume pic. I have a photo of my son in a very similar costume from several years ago. Too precious! Happy Halloween!

(Your socks are looking wonderful too!)


So cute! What a treat!!


What sweet thing is hiding in all that green? What a cutie!

Oh and I don't mean your feet in the green socks, but the socks do look good;-)


So cute Vicki! Mac and your feet!




Wonderful socks! Babe is a cutie, too.


Love the socks, Vicki! :) Thanks for being a part of the knitalong! you weren't the only "V" for too long!

Cute baby in costume too!


That's all Charlotte and Max were singing all night long. He is adorable! Love the socks!


TREAT!!! S*W*E*E*T baby and your oh-so-adorably green clad feet! Happy Halloween!!!


I really love that pattern. The colour is just perfect for it too.

And yes, you wee one looks adorable.


Vicki, Mack is just precious in his halloween costume. He has grown and changed so much. What a cutie!!! Love your socks--color, pattern and all. Oh, I started getting those AARP notices just before I turned 50. Hey those hotel discounts are pretty nice to get. :)


Mac is such a doll baby!! And the socks, you inspire me to knit that pattern. I printed it out a few weeks ago. I haven't made socks in a while. But I'm going to finish my Clapotis first. Must do that. Chelle

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