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That goes for you, too, Ann; good try, sweetie, but not quite.  The 3000th comment has yet to be made on this here blog!  But really, with the "reverse psychosis," "you think that I think that she thinks" stuff covered up with pansy stickers that you're dealing with at the hands of Kathleen Norma Cara your Secret Pal (not me!), you just take it easy, honey.  ; )

Gawd, this is fun!  "How to drive Ann over the deep end in six easy lessons..." or "It takes a village to torture Ann" are definitely unexpected and highly entertaining benefits to the whole Better Pal thing!

Okay, to pick up where I left off before the untimely demise of the rest of yesterday's post.  Ai's party was fine.  Those kids are growing up... a Halloween party for college freshmen has a different look and feel than a party for high school freshmen -- than even high school seniors.  Last year, it was all cross-dressing and Raggedy Ann.  This year, even one of the male party-goers made a comment about all the grrs dressing as wh*res -- naughty n*rses, French m*ids, and I didn't know Aice in Wonderland's dress was that short -- or neckline so low!

I went to a movie, instead.  Run, don't walk, and go see North Country.  (Don't forget to grab some tissues on your way out the door.)  How much do I love Frances McDormand?  Damn.  A way whole lot.  And where the hell has Sean Bean been?  I love him, too!  And I love that it was Bob Dylan's music, even though I've never been a big fan; I even liked Woody Harrelson..  Um, yeah, I liked the movie a lot.

Kt was home over the weekend, packing a lot of paperwork in regard to her semester in London.  She's really getting excited now!  And nervous about money (so we threw a few things on ebay).  She is wisely making all of her Christmas presents this year, and some will involve knitting.  I had just read Kellee's post regarding stash on Friday and the words she shared of another wise knitter about stash equalling choices were recalled fondly every time I saw yarn -- plus, I've been reading stash chapters in Stephanie's latest book -- so we chose to shop the stash!  I was able to get rid of give her some hastily purchased 50% off yarn that will be perfect for some gauntlets on her list!

While I had the winder out, I wound up my new alpaca, too.  ; )

And speaking of Christmas...  I've been thinking of it more and more, and with increasing dread, so I have to make a list and prioritize.  I may have to put 877-SOS-KNIT on speed dial...

1.  M*c's Weasley sweater.  This is a must.  It shouldn't take too long to knit... once the kit arrives.

2.  Mom's shrug.  I kind of start to swatch, but need to get back to that.  Once I figure out the pattern substitutions, it shouldn't take too long -- and there's very minimal finishing with this project.  Big Plus.

3... here's where it starts getting fuzzy as far as priorities.  Felted slippers for stepdad (or socks), hat w/ear flaps for Mdd, socks for DH, Christmas stocking for M*c (cross-stitched, like all the rest I've done, or knit?) as requested by my sis.  Christmas is two months from today!  I could make DH's socks a birthday present -- that would buy me a day.  Heheh.

THIS JUST IN -- IT'S NOT GOOD.  I can't think of a worse thing than picking up the phone and hearing your daughter crying on the other end.  She's fine, just very upset and shaken because someone smashed the rear window of her car last night as it sat, cute and innocent with flowers painted on the hood and "make peace"-ish bumper stickers, in a student parking lot at school.  Shit.  This is the very car she was going to sell in a couple of months so she'd have the extra $65 for her trip that a 1985 Saab -- the vintage where insurance coverage is the bare minimum (i.e., not covered) -- would fetch.  Damn it.  DamndamnDAMN IT.

ANOTHER UPDATE.  I set DH to the task, since he's not doing anything today except prep for his first colonoscopy tomorrow (yeah, I get to be a nurse on my day off -- should I be naughty?) and he found a source for a whole new hatch (wrong color, but with an intact window and a spoiler) for $100, installation would be another $80; versus $500 for new glass.  Ouch!


Kim/Curlie Girl

Awwww NOOOOO! I'm so sorry to hear about the senseless vandalism to your daughter's car. I hope the tears have dried.


that is terrible about Katie's car! glad to hear the DH has come through with a cheaper alternative.

ps. are you going to borrow one of those nurse costumes? ;)


A pox on whoever busted out the car window, how terrible!

Seems a lot of us have been making our holiday knitting lists this week!

You should definitely be a naughty nurse. I'm sure your hubby will appreciate it! :)


Oh NO! People are so horrible sometimes!


Yeah, college parking lots generally suck.

Your blog took a longish time to load. It seems like Typepad is having it's weekly downtime.


So sorry about the vandalism thing. That really sucks. Thanks for the heads up on North Country. It's on my list to go see.
Give the kid a virtual hug from me, will ya?


You grrls have just too much fun together. Torturing friends is a great past time...I need to learn from you all how to do it. Thank goodness DH came through and hope all goes well for Katy. Damn to the bad kids who vandalized her car!


Uck! Poor Katie! Try to remind her it's only money (I know that means a lot, but still - no one got hurt - except maybe (hoepfully) the asshole who broke the window.) Glad there are alternatives to fix it.

Good luck to dh. That doesn't sound like fun. And good luck to you on the whole Xmas thing. Next year - just say NO!

Teresa C

That so sucks about the car! We have definitely had our share of car crap this month. Ugh!

Talking to my daughter this afternoon about college Halloween parties and costumes. She going as "Cloudy with a chance of rain" (in black, with cotton glued on her as clouds, and a spray bottle to spray on everyone who asks her what she is), but she said that all of her college girl friend dress up sl*tty. Nice.


The car thing stinks -- what are people thinking??? Glad to hear that you enjoyed North Country -- Frances McDormand is totally awesome.

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