Unexpected treats
Trick or treat...

Would you like that in checking or savings?

My blog is worth $21,452.52.
How much is your blog worth?

Thanks Ann.  (Well, it's not showing up when posted, but it says $21,452.52!  Maybe I should stick it in an IRA... or buy a car!)

I could so relate to Christina's comment yesterday about being tempted to try Fair Isle.  I never felt much love for it, either, but Tracy's have caught my eye recently, too, and my interest is piqued more and more.  I guess my interest in color is growing in general.  I'm glad y'all enjoyed the link.

Have a great weekend!  I hope to have finished socks on the other side.



you're loaded too!! have a great weekend with that cutie pie! ps. how is DH feeling?


So how many comments are you up to now? I came here via www.toknitperchancetodream.net , she's my pal so I thought I would stop by and say HI!


How come I keep coming up $0? I think you and Ann are going to have to adopt me. I can't pay for any yarn anymore....

Have a fabulous weekend chickie! Can't wait to see the socks!


You have a great weekend, too, Vicki! Give Mack kisses from me!


The total is in a white text, which is why you can't see it. I'm worth just under 16k. Feh.

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