Socks and spoons and a happy birthday weekend
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If a woman is talking, driving home the point she's trying to make that security and safety are the top concerns regarding a particular scheme -- and "driving home" needs to be done because the attitude seems somewhat cavalier ("Beverly Hillbillies" comes to mind) and it doesn't seem like she's being heard -- and she is accused of yammering and it turns out that her concerns are MORE than valid, is it still yammering?  Can one say to her, "You were yammering, but you were right."

Meanwhile, I had a pretty good birthday.  I had lovely flowers, phone calls, cards and a couple of presents; I had lots of cyber wishes and I took your advice and ate plenty of dark chocolate-frosted dark chocolate cake and bittersweet chocolate chips cookies.  I spent a lot of time in my PJs -- there will be PJ talk tomorrow.

There was very, very little knitting (lots of cooking, instead!).  I learned that I cannot cast on a baby sock and pay attention to a movie -- I finally got it, though, and am making progress.  I think I'm going to send the single, finished sock to Mack -- I'm a little concerned about length.  If it's good, I'll send the second as soon as it's finished; if it's too short, he can send it back and I'll tear out the toe and lengthen it.  Oh, and I made HUGE progress with "Shirley Shrugs" -- my pet name for the modifications I'm making to Shirley Paden's yummy shrug pattern.  Oh, lots to tell about that, too.



What happened? Yammering - what an ugly word. Hope everything's okay.

Oh and sorry about the Packers. I was cheering for you! (I kept asking G what was going on with them and he kept saying why do you care about the Packers game? And I said it's Vicki's birthday and I want them to WIN!)


If you're right, it isn't yammering! :)
It really does suck when you have to be the "bad guy"...been there, done that!

I'm so glad you had cake on your birthday! A PJ day sounds like such a good idea!


whatever you think, I think too!

and if it was the DH throwing around the 'yammering' accusation, then I think you are entitled to a bit of a shopping spree as way of apology - spending limit commensurate to your hurt feelings.....


I can't imagine you EVAH yammering. I hope you're going to share the rest of the story. You left a lot of teasers in today's post. Glad the birthday was successful and the cake was yum-my!


Vicki - now you can't leave us hanging like that. It feels like one of those Seinfeld skits, but we as readers are not in on the punchline yet. What's this about?

Glad you had a Happy Birthday. Mine is tomorrow. Scorpio's need to stick together - we apparently come across sometimes as the bad "stingers" of the world but we aren't really, are we? We say what needs to be said. Chelle


I've been too self-absorbed lately to get here and wish you a very happy birthday in time, but here it is, belated. Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday! I'm behind on reading my blogs.


One more belated Happy Birthday Vicki!

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