10, 9, 8... Blast Off!

Skimming my way to Christmas


I did the required 12 rows of Shirley Shrugs last night and it wasn't so bad.  The little voice says, "Why knit something if you don't love it?"  The other little voice says, "It's for your mother; she's done plenty of things for you over the years that she didn't really want to do."

That other little voice kind of puts me in my place.

I did not pull out the second Log Cabin Sock, but I did work a bit on Weasley.  Woo!

DH & Maddy brought the Christmas tree up from the basement.  I noticed a string of lights marked with bits of masking tape -- must have flagged it last year as needing to be replaced.  Heh.  That string is glowing brightly, wouldn't you know, but there's a HUGE chunk at the top of the tree and some spots near the bottom that are dark, dark, dark.  Ugh.

Today, I'm going to learn a little bit about my credit union's online bill pay service.  I've paid plenty of bills online before, but never in this way.  My most recent bill from MCI came with a notice that they'll start to charge me a fee to send me an invoice unless I register for e-billing.  I'm old-fashioned -- I like to hold the actual bill in my hand, to write the actual check, and stick the actual stamp.  I've got to get with it.  My mother (let's just say not so computer savvy) will be happy to hear it -- she's been doing it for quite a while!

Y'all had eyeballs popping out of your heads yesterday at the number of Bloglines (or Fucklines, depending on who you are and maybe the day) subscriptions in my list.  You know, I make it a point to subscribe to the feeds of people who make themselves known to me in one way or another -- by linking or commenting or emailing or throwing a dart at my Frappr map.  When you click on my list of feeds, all you see is the gigantic list.  When I click, I see it with highlights -- you know, 384 subscriptions, but only a fraction of those have new posts, and they're broken down into smaller (but not yet bite-size) pieces.  I haven't been using my new system for very long, but I am SO happy with it -- the blog reading is so much more manageable.    I've actually been caught up with blogs a couple of times this week!

Geez, remember?  Back in the day -- a year ago -- when we blindly clicked on our link lists not knowing whether anyone had posted anything new.  And the learning curve -- figuring out who was who and who posted when and how often -- Bloglines is SUCH a time-saver that way.  I will freely admit that I don't read every single word of every single blog every single time -- just can't do it -- nor do I actually open every single blog every single time, but I'd rather skim them than ignore them altogether.

Just last night, I was reading Jen's post about Christmas Stockings and her desire to knit one for X by Christmas.  Then I clicked on "Knit Blogs UVWXYZ" and saw a post on Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day about Christmas stockings -- and a Stocking Along!  Did you know there was a Stocking Along?  I didn't, and I don't think Jen did.  I was so happy to share that with Jen and hopefully she'll find a pattern or maybe just some inspiration and support.  That's the kind of stuff I love about blogging and why I like to read and/or skim lots of different blogs.



Apparently, if I post at 1AM Fucklines updates me around 10. Go figure!

You DO have a lot of blogs on that list, but I know where to go if I need to find someone. You're like the mayor!

Sock looks great!


Here's the thing that's so weird about Christmas lights. How is it possible that something that worked when you packed it away just no longer works when you unpack it? Hmmmm? I just don't get it.


Vicki, THANK YOU for the links! I am going to join the stocking-along *and* I bought the set of 7 vintage stocking patterns that was linked in the sidebar of the KAL. yay!

Not only that, but your post finally convinced me to join bloglines. I'm in the process of registering right now. Yee-haw! :)

Have fun decorating that tree!


We're having the same issues as Cara. I'm gonna start the revolution. I'm in the process of switching over to Pluck. Take that bloglines.


oh yes I am a proud member of the stockingalong. :) henry's is almost finished, but now DH wants one!


notice how Cara let you skimming confession slide? she's all over my ass for skimming, but you? no problem......

do you think we should start a skimmers blogring? we could set it to scroll really fast!


They're just so intermittent. One day you can post and it updates almost immediately, another and you may as well not bother. That sock looks so gorgeous and soft, perfect for those cold winter evenings.


Your Shirley Shrug dilemma is something I go through daily. I'm knit knit knitting away on my gift list and I'm not enjoying any of it. I have managed to knock a whole pair of socks off that list in under a week. And I'm halfway through a mini clapotis. Still have one more Branching Out scarf to finish, another pair of socks and at least two felted crowns (King Of All Things from
Call me a selfish bitch because I want to be knitting my Rogue (whose yarn isnt even wound up and ready to start yet!)

Bill paying online. I tried my bank's online bill pay and I didn't like it. It screwed up at least one bill (didn't get there in time) It makes me feel "uncertain" that I'm doing it right and I then feel like I need to keep calling everyone a week later to be sure they got the payment. I also like getting the paper bill, and paying the old fashioned way...there is just more certainty in it!


Not only do I not (yet) have a blog, but I also don't subscribe to bloglines! I just have a list of blog "favorites" in my Favorites folder and I individually click on them to check for updates. Chelle


While I only have 45 feeds on bloglines, I go to the ones with the highest number unread (unless it's one of my favorites) and usually by the end of the day I can get it down to a single digit number.


TY for sharing your blogline list - I ended up with MORE on my blogline list - I swore I would keep that thing below 50, just the choice of the choice. Then I swore under 75. One day I had over 280 and it dawned on me I could either spend hours every day reading blogs or get real. I got real. I am under 90. Please please please do not share anymore. Unless they are really good. (they are always really good - so many wonderful bloggers out there, so little time)

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