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Skimming my way to Christmas


I'm kind of mad -- okay, I'm pissed -- because there are supposed to be pictures in thist post, but the email I sent from home this morning with files attached is still floating 'round cyberspace at this hour.  You should be seeing a finished Log Cabin Sock and a little progress on both Shirley Shrugs and Weasley.  No need to adjust the dials or clean your glasses, they're just not here.  Harumph.


I love the Log Cabin Sock -- kitchenered (only eight stitches) the toe last night and it's gorgeous!  I can't wait to make more.  I'd cast on for the second a few days ago and finally worked the ribbing last night before pulling out Mom's shrug

I don't love Shirley Shrugs.  I should say I don't love the yarn I'm using, but Mom picked it out and I really love how it looks, it's just not fun to work.  I'm at the stage where I'm starting to play games -- last night, it was math:  how many rows left to do divided by how many days to do them equals at least 12 rows a day.  (Coming attractions:  What if it was a birthday present (end of January)?  Would Ladies' Log Cabin Socks cut the mustard for Christmas?  How many days before do-or-die decision time?)  Dang, I used to love working with cotton, but I think I've become a wool pig.  I've thought of doing it in something else, but darn it, she picked it, so I'm dreaming of doing it again in wool -- for myself.

I love Weasley!  Worked only a few rows on the second sleeve -- this is my reward knitting.  I really want to work on it all the time, at any given time, but must keep nose to Shirley grindstone.


I love Bloglines.  Sometimes it's techno-crap, too, like when it's HOURS and HOURS between the actual posting and showing up in the list as having posted, but I can usually techno-tolerate it.  My name is Vicki and I have a Bloglines subscription addiction -- about which I really have no apologies.  There are so many talented, inspiring, creative, and funny people out there, I want them all!  And there are new baby blogs born and waiting to be discovered everyday!

The problem is that even with eleventy-bazillion-and-six unread posts waiting, I'd still read my "go to" blogs first -- that might be considered clique-y, but there are bloggers with whom, for whatever reason, I feel a connection or a level of comfort or share an interest and/or they post everyday -- WHATEVER -- but there'd still be a LOT of unread posts at the end of the day.

Several weeks ago, I divided my subscriptions into three different folders -- one for blog-related stuff, one for knitting blogs, and one for mostly not knitting (aka, general interest).  That didn't really help, since 99.99999% of the blogs I read are knitting blogs.  I did make a separate folder, then, for bloggers I've met and that helped a little bit.  I remembered a short-lived experiment with reading blogs in alphabetical order, kind of, by day of the week.  A-E on Monday, F-J on Tuesday, etc.  That didn't really work very well, either, but I thought I'd apply it to my knit blog list and I like it!  I really like it!!!  I blew away several thousand unread posts in order to do it, and I haven't gone on vacation or anything like that, but I feel like I'm keeping in the loop a little better, even with folks who post infrequently.  For the most part, I don't even click to expand those folders, just click on the folder heading and read with a "come what may" attitude.  My ever-changing, always growing (there's that addiction thing) list is always available from the right sidebar under "Blog Links" or click on the link above.



Holy crap! That's a lot of blogs. Today (and yesterday) I'm hating bloglines. Pure hate. It's making me feel better though to hate so passionately against something for which I have no control and is meaningless in the scheme of things. Can't say why - must be my mood.

Can't wait to see the pictures whenever the cypermail people decide to deliver!


THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR FEEDS?! Gasp. I couldn't do it. Couldn't.


Wow, the only way that I could read 384 feeds is with constant vigilence. Forget going on vacation, because I gotta keep up with my blogs.

Email seems screwy everywhere lately. My work address, my yahoo account (suddenly getting slammed with spam)... Let's hope these things work themselves out.


When you mentioned the discrepancy between knitting and non-knitting blogs and how making two folders divided like that didn't help much I had to go look for myself. Imagining the look on your face after that attempt at blogline management is very funny. :)


Geez, Vicki, that's a lot of blogs. I keep mine under one hundred or I can't deal. So, am I in the "every day must read group" or the, "I'll check her out once in a while group"? Feel free to lie to me!

Teresa C

Holy sh*t! You have more feeds than I do! I do have a folder for knitters that I know, but my others used to have an organization to them and it got out of control. Maybe I'll try your way. There are the ones that I am more likely to head straight to and read and others that I might get to once in awhile, if ever. Just the way it is. My complaint with bloglines lately is that they keep updating previous posts, even days later. WTF?


you and I are crazy ---- I spent the better part of my morning organizing my picture files. I truly felt like they were such a mess, with "pictures" everywhere and that I was drowing in a sea of paperwork. It's all virtual for godsakes!


Oh my gosh. I thought I had a lot of subs! I have the "knitters I've met" folder (which I admit, I always hit first), but the rest is just one long list. I have to tell myself "okay, I'm going to quit for now after I finish the 'k's."


Hee, I was all "I wonder if she's one of the seven people that read my klog?" And then I was dorkily excited to find out that if you ever make it to the S's I am one.


Whatever did we do without bloglines....Oh that's right, we sat in front of the computer all day checking everyone's blogs manually. Arrgghh!

Long live bloglines!


Whoa, that's an amazing amount of blogs! I've cut my list to less than 50, and it's so much more manageable- less than an hour a day. And when nobody is posting, I check everybody else's. :)


Love your socks! The pattern is the same as the cabled sweater from the Textured Knits book, which is one of the projects I'm working on now.

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