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I had a little flood of remembrance the other day when Alison queried her readers about a "new" craft she'd discovered.  Then new mom Stephanie (hey, go wish her a Happy Birthday!) wrote about the challenge of just finding time, with a new baby in the house, to work some string with a couple of sticks.  And I was transported back about 14 years...

When Maddy was born, knowing she'd be my last and with Katie in first grade and Ali in preschool, I decided to be a full time mom.  I figured it was a now-or-never.  I had put in a full day working and/or going to school since I was 14, so coming to a full stop and making such a big change at age 33 meant there was a period of adjustment.

Y'all know that I love my children to pieces and I wish they hadn't grown up so fast, and yet there were times when they were little that I wondered what kind of nightmare prison sentence I'd signed up for!  Would I ever have a minute to myself again?  Would I ever get enough sleep?  An uninterrupted conversation with another adult?

One of the things I did for my sanity during this adjustment to my new life (one that I did eventually get used to and enjoy for five years) was join the "Hobby & Craft Club" -- a group of women that met every Thursday morning for two hours in the community room at City Hall.  Secretly, and among friends, I called it "The Old Lady Club" because that's what they all were!  I could easily have been the granddaughter of any one of them, and perhaps even the great-granddaughter of a few.  Those ladies did a lot of crafting for charity -- church and hospital and nursing home craft sales -- and they worked a LOT of plastic canvas!  It's easy on the eyes, you know -- big holes, big needles, big yarn!  And it was both quick and cheap.  Praying hands, American flags, and crosses were all favorite designs, prolifically produced, all with magnets so they could hold up the grocery list on the 'fridge.  Another favorite was crochet afghans in scorch-the-eyes color combos and big, BIG hooks.

I listened to the little old ladies talk (and gossip) and laugh while I worked my counted cross-stitch samplers on 32-count linen -- in extremely poor light.  I think they looked on me like a little pet -- they weren't quite sure what to do with me, but I behaved and didn't make a mess, so was tolerated and even humored now and then.  It was two hours every week that I could put my head down and work, uninterrupted and without any pressure from anyone about anything (and no phone), and it sure did help.

There are some new, or soon-to-be-new moms out there -- Stephanie, Jen, Kate, my little sister.  ; )  It's the most wonderful thing in the world, but it's a huge shift in your life and priorities -- no matter how much you read and prepare and think about it or how much advice you get, you can just never plan for all the ways it will affect you.  So, in the realm of advice that may or may not help:  I never felt too guilty about sitting down to stitch while the kids napped, either.  (Or taking a nap while they did and staying up after their bedtime to stitch.)  Sanity or a clean house?  It wasn't a tough decision (I knew I'd have regular cleaning jags to take care of the dust bunnies).  The Number 1 thing is:  take care of you so you can take care of your family.  It might take some time and experimentation to find what works best for you, but that's okay, too.

Dsc05906Here's a wide view of my chart for Shirley Shrugs.  I forgot to flip the pic -- Row 1 is at the right, the middle is indicated by an orange-ish line, and the shaded triangles are where the short-row shaping will occur to make "shoulders" and hopefully keep the shrug more snug around the neck.  I am fully prepared to be making lots of fudge when I get to those areas...  I really only need a small fraction of that chart, but I don't see my love for copy & paste ever diminishing (and you get a nice overview this way, too).

Have a great weekend everyone!  I think we're going to my brother's for lunch tomorrow.



Love you. Love your wisdom.

Oh and I commented on your comment over at Margene's. DUDE! I am good.


love the thought of them looking on you as their little pet! I can just picture it!!

ps. I sort of look on Cara like that....


When Hannah was a baby I was seriously into counted cross stitch. I used to get up early just so I coulud get a few rows done before she woke up. It kept me sane. Kinda like knitting and spinning do now. New mothers and "old" mothers need time for themselves. I think it makes us better mothers.


When Hannah was a baby I was seriously into counted cross stitch. I used to get up early just so I coulud get a few rows done before she woke up. It kept me sane. Kinda like knitting and spinning do now. New mothers and "old" mothers need time for themselves. I think it makes us better mothers.


Even though my kids are grown, your comments about new parenting is striking a cord right now....but with a new puppy. Same deal! You treasure those rare opportunities when you can actually sit down. So far today, AnniePup chewed two rattan knobs off my bedroom furniture and totally demolished a kitchen rug and in just a few minutes when I stepped away. Yep, I'm a new mom again and I forgot how time consuming it can be, but trying to remember that as with my kids, she will grow up to be a responsible adult.


Great advice that every woman needs to learn and live by. Thanks Vicki!


My local knitting guild is a bit of an Old Lady Club. And Granny is no spring chicken but I love the company, the wisdom...Parenting, for me, has turned out far different than I expected. Owen is a bigger challenge than I was ready for...but I am a better person because of it. Knitting has been a part of my life forever--due to my mom. But before we even got Owen's diagnosis, I took it up in earnest. I needed it. Still do!

Mary Beth

What a great tribute to those plastic-canvas-stitching grannies. (You forgot to mention Snoopy with a Santa hat on as a Christmas ornament and folding the canvas into the shape of a mailbox to hold $$ for gifts.) I'm missing my grandmother now!

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