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It's Friday

Dsc05922There are sconces flanking a big, old, oval mirror in the downstairs bathroom.  This is the bathroom with shower rod (d.b.a. clothesline) nearest the laundry room, so all manner of "hang to dry" items are usually, well, hanging to dry.  Inevitably, someone has to take a shower before the laundry's dry and has to find a new place for it -- quite often, it is from the sconces, and that's where I found my Rib & Cable Socks last night.  It makes me smile and think of The Goodbye Girl (or the newer version) -- the bathroom scene with Richard Dreyfuss/Jeff Daniels and Marsha Mason/Patricia Heaton and the hand washables.  It's a cute movie -- it was one of those "formative years" for me when the original came out and, maybe it's because we're both from Great Lakes states, but I like quirky Jeff Daniels.

I have not yet tired of FRAPPR!, have you?  It's fun to search different tags -- your city, state, another interest or hobby.  Try it, you'll like it!  Please throw your dart at mine, if you haven't yet; I'm working on getting around to them all, too.  It's a blast seeing where you're all from -- especially those of you who don't have blogs.  Y'all can be fairly anonymous and yet make your mark.  Pretty cool.  Pretty please?

Dsc05924So much better!  Here's where I left off on the Paw last night -- there's a finished thumb and a finished index finger.  I flubbed up on the middle finger, so will have to fix that today, but figure I'll finish up all the fingers in no time and then start the flap.  Ali's excited, Maddy likes them, hubby REALLY likes them, too.  They're awfully quick and I don't mind doing those fingers as much as I feared.

My sister called me this morning and Mack won't be having any little sisters or brothers, at least not now.  Maybe one more try, but first we'll need to drown our sorrows next week with the turkey dinner.  Meanwhile, the Mackster himself has a second bottom tooth and one on top is starting, too!

Happy weekend.



I'm sorry about your sister - I hope they try again.

Gloves look good! Do you have any holes? I have holes. I don't want holes.


Frappr is fun but I think with so many going up around Blogland we might have 'killed' it! LOL

The gloves look great (and warm!)


So sorry about your sister.

Mack has teeth already?? gah! :)


So Mack gets to be #1 for a bit longer. That's not the worst thing in the world but I hope everyone is okay. I loved The Goodbye Girl! I think I watched it a billion times when I was, oh, what? 10-11-12, maybe?


He has teeth already!!!! My time flies. Love the looks of those gloves.

kathy b

I am very sorry about the baby. It is good that you can be together soon.


your paw looks great! it is starting to (finally!) get cold around here, so a paw would be in order .... those fingers scare me, think I'll stick with mittens

ps. was having crazy nicotine fits yesterday - gah!! is this never going to end??


Vicki, I love the gloves. I haven't ventured into the world of gloves, but would love to try a pair sometime soon. I'm sorry to hear about your sister, but she has a beautiful little baby boy that she can focus on. I believe there is a reason for everything that happens in our lives, and she can try again. Give her a hug for me. I can't believe Mack has teeth! You know, my DH is a retired oral surgeon and he said he had seen babies that were born with teeth---can you believe that?

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