Tossin' and turnin'
It's Friday

Throw your darts

Edited to add: I finally found that stupid Frappr button!

Check out our Frappr!

Might I also add:  Die, Bloglines, Die!  I've been all alone on my Frappr map for HOURS because you're ignoring me.  I get more frustrated by Bloglines than Typepad almost any day.

Jhnn_1FRAPPR!  Fine.  Go throw your dart at my map; no tranquilizer darts, please.  I really do love maps -- DH and I used the Wisconsin Gazetteer on our leisurely drive on Saturday afternoon. "Let's see what's down this road..."

Dsc05920It was a good day yesterday in general terms, but it totally sucked in the weather department.  Gray and windy and with a very fine snow.  My neck doesn't like getting cold anymore!  All those footprints are Duncan's -- snow is something new to be discovered every year, you know!

Mom and I had a nice lunch a great time browsing in some shops we hadn't been to in a while.  We scored on the camera -- a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5, though also considered the slightly less expensive S90.  In the end, I liked the way the W5 felt.  I'd done a little legwork beforehand and found that though Circuit City had the best price at $290, Office Depot would throw in a 256mb memory stick worth $50 and the total price was only $10 more.  I will also get credit on my Max Perks card.  I like perks!

I ripped and restarted the paw and I'm very glad -- it's going to be perfect.

I also inquired about my Yarn Warehouse Weasley order.  I've never ordered anything from across the pond before, so had no idea about timeframe, nor did I ever have any notification of shipping.  I placed the order at the very end of September and it posted to my card in the beginning of October and now we're smack-dab in the middle of November and that's long enough (isn't it?) and I'm assaulted by Christmas wherever I turn and my highest priority is to knit this baby sweater (among other things) but I don't have the materials yet!  "We must assume it was lost in the post," and another will be on it's way today -- I should have it by the end of the month, I'd say.  Their customer service is wonderful, I only wish I'd known that they originally shipped it on the 3rd of October!!



I'm right behind you on the bloglines thing. We need to all decide not to use it anymore. That'll show them!

Signed the map! Yay!


I was so frustrated yesterday with bloglines. I posted at 6 AM and they didn't pick up the feed until late last night. Grrrr.


OMG!! When I read over your blog for some reason Yarn Warehouse became Yarn Whorehouse..LOL!!!! And you know, I'd totally shop at that place, hee hee.

lynne s of oz

Dang! Kellie beat me to your frappr map as well! She's one of my knit buds....

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