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Monday: Movies and Mittens

Warm hands, warm heart, and hugs

KnituntoothersbuttonWhat's not to love?  Knit Unto Others, the knit-along brainchild of Margene and Carole, meshes perfectly with Hugs for Hands, a local drive for the collection of mittens and gloves for distribution at emergency shelters in NE Wisconsin, and Sandy's Warm Hands makes it a trifecta.  You know, Bonne Marie pointed over here last year in conjunction with the words "mitten mania."  I guess the mitten thing isn't anything new around here.  Baby, it's cold outside!

We recently cleaned out the closet and I have LOTS of store-bought gloves and mittens, hats and neck-warmers that I'll donate along with the hand-knit mittens; I think there are some jackets, too.  I will find time for this.  If you live in the cold, cold north (like me), there are LOTS of drives and collections for warm outerwear in your local area with convenient drop-off points.

TV NEWS:  I just read this morning that Regis is going to host a revival of This Is Your Life!  I'm kind of neutral about Reeg, but I love, love, LOVE that show and I think he'll make a good host.  I'm so excited (I hope they choose some good "lifers").  I'll have to think about who I'd like to see.

MOVIE NEWS:  Maddy and a bunch of her friends went to see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire last night.  They loved it.  They didn't have school yesterday, so it was Prep for Harry Potter Day -- reading, watching earlier movies -- getting PRIMED, man!  When I picked them up, the first question was, "How did you like it?" and the second questoin was, "Did Ron get a sweater for Christmas?"  Maddy said, "Yes, he did, but it was different!  It had buttons at the shoulder -- and I thought of you, Mom."  Then she proudly told her friends that I was knitting a Weasley sweater for her little cousin for Christmas.  *sniff*

So, somebody spill about Weasley II!!

Please, please, please, go see Margene's sky and then click on the links to ebay auctions -- a couple of Clapoti up for auction to help Emma's Oliver get his wheels!


Mary in Boston

I'm off to see The Goblet of Fire this afternoon. I'll see about getting more details.

Hope y'all are keeping warm up North. Heh.
We're freeeeeeezing here in Boston!


I saw Goblet of Fire yesterday. Fantastic film. I have to see it again to catch all the details, but I did check out some of the knitting. The Weasley sweater appeared to have an applique 'R' on it this time. I didn't notice the buttons. But then I didn't notice a lot:)


Hey Vicki,
Thanks for supporting our knit along. It was really all Margene's idea, though!


i love your new banner! can't wait to see harry potter & the goblet of fire - i'll probably go during the holidays.


I've become addicted to knitting hats. They are easy to carry around when on the run and so quick to do. It's a great feeling to know others will be warmed by our efforts this winter.

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