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Or Bloglines to NewsGator.  Testing, testing.  1, 2, 3... I decided to check into at least one other service.

As long as I'm here, I'll tell you a story about my couch/sofa/davenport.  Once upon a time, Katie was three-and-a-half and Ali was one-and-a-half and I didn't own a slipcover of any kind.  The floors of my house were like a conveyor belt, there were so many washable markers and crayons and colored pencils strewn about.  You could get from the front door to the kitchen with one, quick, rolling step.  (By the time Maddy arrived, there were sharp-cornered Legos added to the mix, drastically compromising the conveyor and damn, they hurt!)  Katie was is smart and she was learning to write.  I walked into the living room one day to see "Ali" written in very large, very orange marker on the inside arm of the couch -- I have to say, it was very good use of available space.  In that purely rhetorical way of mothers, I screamed asked, "Katie, who DID that?!"  She looked at me with those big, blue eyes and said, "Ali did."  Ali's very smart, too, but at that time, she was still barely controlling the desire to eat the marker!  It still cracks me up.  I think I got most of it off -- there might still be a ghostly image or a strange orange glow in the area.

By the way, I'd love to have you all over for knitting -- a slumber party would be even better.  Just call ahead, okay?



I'm on my third Newsgator day: love it! You can import all of your Bloglines subs into Newsgator. So, you know, you wouldn't need to input your 43 bazillion feeds individually :-).


Reminds me of a childhood story... one of the first things my younger brother learned to say was, "Nicki did it"


Well, when this happened at my house, Alicia was maybe 3. I was in the kitchen and I heard her singing---"Making circles". Oops! I ran to where I heard the little voice coming from, and sure enough, Alicia was "Making circles" all the way down the white walls in my hallway. She had all the colors of the rainbow! Creative expressions? What a mess to clean up. But, good memories to share with her.


Hey Vicki - a slumber party sounds great!


That's such a cute story. Thanks for sharing it and I wish we could do a slumber party. That sounds like a blast and a half! Chelle

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