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Big-headed baby issues

Dsc06155I knit the collar of the Wee Weasley as instructed (on the smaller needles) and it looks great, but I think I'm going to rip and re-do on larger needles.  I don't think it will fit over the big baby head!  I may even leave the collar unseamed 'til there's a proper fitting -- perhaps a button & loop closure at the neck would work better.

Dsc06153Mom stopped over yesterday and I showed her the Weasley in pieces and now she wants one.  She loved the "M," which is what her name begins with, also, so it wasn't a big stretch for her to imagine an adult-sized sweater.  I did not tell her that I've seen adult-sized Weasleys.  The colors are very much "her," and I know she'd wear it to death.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind putting the current version of Shirley Shrugs aside and changing courses...  I've been working on it, but it's going to be given on the needles and not even half-way -- maybe not even to the first shoulder -- next weekend.

Dsc06152Mom works a couple days a week in an antique store and, as is the case with many a small business struggling to stay afloat this year, the heat is turned down pretty low.  She's been wearing sweaters knit by two of my sisters, as well as her Natalya mitts that I knit last year using Jody's great pattern (which I've seen in the blogosphere a lot in the past few weeks).

Dsc06159Alison had a regular Santa's Workshop going this weekend -- she decorated mugs, embellished bags, made candy, and lots of magnets!  I saw the magnets on Holly's blog several weeks ago and knew that someone in my house would find it as appealing as I did.  (By the way, Holly, I was wrong when I told you that we used three bags of Kisses for candies... Ali said that we actually used FIVE!)

Maddy went to see Rent on Friday night -- it was funny to hear her and her girlfriend talking about why it should have/would have/must have been appealing and likeable to the boys who saw it with them.  On Saturday, she went with those friends and others to the mall for some shopping.  She told me that they were all in the food court, talking, laughing, having fun, when an "older lady" approached their table.  Maddy said that they were afraid they were going to get chastised for being too loud or boisterous; instead, the lady was crying and told them how wonderful it was that they were having so much fun together.  She gave them each $5.00, and to two of them, she also gave some religious literature.  I'm just not sure what to think about that.  Maddy said that they didn't quite know what to do; part of her wanted to run after the lady and give her a hug.  When I've told others about this, they get a little skeptical at the part about religious literature.

It's colder than heck.  Today's record low was set in 1983: -27F.  Compared to that, we're really rather balmy -- and it's sunny.  As evidenced by my photos today, the plants in the Garden Room are obviously loving it!

And.  Nine months yesterday.  Woo.  (That would be nine months + a day for my sister, for those of us -- ahem-her-cough -- keeping track of these things.)



NINE MONTHS! THAT'S AMAZING! I'm so proud of you!

Those babies do have big heads, don't they? I agree on waiting until the fitting - the button sounds like a good idea - I bet he'll be able to wear it a lot longer too. You're so funny, not telling Mom about grown-up Weasleys. Hahaha. Hope she's not on the Internet. ;-)


Wow. Nine months!?! Awesome!


Congrats on 9 whole months clean of the cigs! Good for you - a very hard habit to kick and stay with it. I think you deserve some more yarn for that.... ya know... it's always good to have something to keep your hands busy. :)


little happy dance!! pretty soon it will be March 17 and we'll be doing an Irish jig with no cig!


9 months, huh? Aren't you glad you've only stopped smoking and not had a baby? Sorry, couldn't resist that one.
The thing with the old lady is weird. I get the whole handing out of literature but what's with the $$?


9 months! Congrats! I'm so proud of you!

Aren't those magnets FUN. I make them all the time and usually give them away. They are so easy and easily customized!

Love that violet picture!! Reminds me that I need some african violets. It's one indoor plant I manage to do really well with, those and orchids. Sadly, most of my other indoor plants die of neglect. What a bad florist I am ;)

Mary in Boston

Congratulations, Vicki, on the 9 month anniversary. I knew you could do it!!! Thanks for the fun suggestions about the pretzels, gonna make those tonight, and I love the magnet idea. Next year for certain!

Only 1 1/2 pairs of mittens to go!

Have a very merry and wonderful Christmas with your awesome family.


Congrats on the 9 months! Just think how much more money you have to spend on yarn!

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