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I did not work a lot on Shirley Shrugs (though more on it than any other knit I've got going at the moment).

I did get all but half a string of lights working on the tree.  I changed four strings (Ali helped with one) and then I ran out of gas.  The non-working lights were at the bottom of the tree and I just turned that side to the wall.  Smirk if you want.

I did not work much on Wee Weasley, but I'm at least finished with the increases on the second sleeve and that means I'm on the home stretch.

I did unpack Christmas decorations and mostly watched as the kids decorated the tree.  That was a lot of fun -- listening to their chatter, some of their memories, talk about their favorite ornaments.  This was Katie's last weekend home before the end of the semester -- very close to Christmas -- and she wanted to be part of tree-trimming.  I doubt I'd have mustered it quite yet if it hadn't been for her.  Yay Katie.  I think I'm just a bit more in the mood now, even though I didn't make fudge (but I did get the chocolate chips -- still need the sweetened condensed milk).

I did not work at all on the Log Cabin Sock.  That's going to change today!

I did go to a Christmas party on Friday night.  It was held at a farm, one of those agritainment operations; this one has somehow carved out a kids-by-day, adults-by-night niche (including wedding receptions).  I am enamored with outbuildings and our party was held in one -- I don't know what this one would have been originally, but it was very cute and cozy.  We also went on a moonlit hayride, singing carols and passing schnapps.  I found out that I look pretty good in a cowboy hat.  Who knew?

St. Nicholas came a day early to our house.  (Heads up!  He's supposed to come tonight!)  Katie's heading back to school this morning, so we all got up extra-early today!  He brought some hip, new sunglasses for Kate & Al, pierced earrings for Maddy (for her soon-to-be-first-time-ever-pierced ears), the new Enya CD for DH, a couple of wished-for books for Ali & Maddy, and Bad Haggis "Trip" for Katie.  Kate's been wanting some good Celtic music, and has even been talking of learning to dance, so it was fun to find something different.  I'll credit AOL's XM Radio and the Celtic station with inspiring my search.  (I have been enjoying that feature of AOL quite a lot over the past few months.)



I'm sorry, but we'll need proof about the cowboy hat being flattering.


Seriously - picture please! YAHOO!
I miss decorating Xmas trees - we used to go to family friends to do it when I was growing up and then I would go to my friend's house but then they moved to Vegas. I do hang lights though - soon! Last year I didn't, but this year - definitely!


Bad Haggis?!
What a clever name. I HAVE to check them out.


But what did St. Nike bring to you!?


moonlight hayrides, schnapps and cowboy hats and NO pictures?? harumph. and what's the deal on St. Nick coming on the 5th? is this some kind of Wisconsin thing?

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