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Before rearranging on the left, after on the right.  Not a whole lot has changed, I guess, except for the location of the floor space I occupy.  I have my favorite chair and pillows, favorite table with all the same stuff (patterns, books, tools) above and basket (full of patterns, books, tools) below, favorite lamp -- oh, it's a different chest!  I realized that, essentially, DH and I just switched spots.

Dsc06077Here's the view to the right from my chair.  I'm not completely satisfied with all this, but will live with it 'til after the holidays and then decide what to do.  The last time I tried to rearrange, it all ended up back in the same place!  It takes some getting used to.  Until last weeked, there was a huge void on this wall (between the lamps) where a bookcase used to reside, but I found the water-stained, frameless young girl's portrait in the stash (oh, yes, there are many different varieties of stash) and she provided the impetus to pull it all together.  The couch/sofa/davenport isn't scaled correctly for this room or in comparison with any of my other furniture.  *Lightbulb: on.*  I wondered last night whether I could add some height -- some ball feet or something to raise it up a few to several inches.  It's old, old, old and the original upholstery is (and always has been) hideous (now it's hideous and worn), but it's pretty well made and was an honest to goodness bargain.


Mary in Boston

Thanks for showing your knitting spot. I love seeing where people knit. If and when I get a camera for Christmas, I might be able to join in the fun.

My favorite part though, was seeing the view into your kitchen with the sunshine pouring in! Love it.

Snowing here. Yay.


The room looks very cozy. I do wonder how all you people knit in armchairs, though. Every one I've seen seems to use one. Clearly I have monkey arms.

Bookish Wendy

I love seeing everyones houses. Yours looks like I could crawl right in and feel at home. Which is really how I feel about your personality too!


It looks so cozy and inviting! Your floors are gorgeous, too. Can I come over and knit with you?


It is EXACTLY how I pictured it! I LOVE your home. It's so you. (And Rusty too.) Eclectic and inviting. Warm. Comfortable, but elegant.

When can I come over?


it looks very cosy!!


I shall be picturing you sat right there in future, it looks a lovely bright space to spend a few hours. I can even see you going off to make a cup of tea after a while ;)


What a cozy lovely place to knit!


I am packing my things right now for the slumber party ..... it all looks so cozy and inviting! and as I suspected, you have plenty of cool, stash houses too!

ps. adore the wooden pillars ---- are they truly supporting the house?


Your home is so beautiful! It takes a while to notice any knitting clutter, you're so busy staring at all the fantastic woodwork and beautiful art!


I love your house and your knitting space. It's so cozy. Love the wood floor and the oriental rug. Very nice. Chelle


Great pictures.
I love your blog,and have especially enjoyed the last few posts. Loads of great images - fab one of you in the red hat ! - and interesting writing.

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