One done...
Like a fish...

Give me an "M"

Dsc06125Yep, look what I made!  It's quite far from perfect, but it'll be okay.  I got about a dozen rows done, then ripped and started over.  I'm a lot happier with the second try.  A few more inches to go and all the pieces will be finished!  I charted the M myself, tracing a manipulated letter onto custom knitter's graph paper using my kitchen window as a lightbox.  It turned out just a teeny bit taller and narrower than I'd planned, but I'm happy with that, too.

Dsc06126And yep, I bought yarn.  Three hanks of Cascade Pastazza for more Log Cabin Socks -- I love that yarn, I love those socks.  I don't know how to describe that color, but trust me, it's pretty.  That's some Trekking sock yarn that coordinates rather well with the Pastazza for no particular reason.  I also bought a few skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in bright colors because I got Jess Hutchison's booklet in the mail the other day.  That will be some fun knitting!

Dsc06123Dsc06118It snowed yesterday.  It was nothing like last week in New England (is there a Barry Manilow song? B.M. comes to mind!), but it was our first significant storm.  It started fairly early, and then picked up in the late morning.  Some schools were closed in the early afternoon and I think that was wise -- it was gray and there was a lot of blowing and visibility was often poor.  It took Ali a very long time to get home today.  She may be extra, extra cautious these days when weather is a factor.



I love all that snow! Wish we had some new white stuff around here! Looks like a knittery weekend ahead for you. (I'm choosing to ignore any reference to BM.)


Love, love, love Mac's "M". With a little blocking it will be perfection. And we have nothing like your snow here in this part of California. We still have roses blooming in the garden...


Barry Manilow, Weekend in New England? Yikes! That was popular when I was about 10, I think. Gawdawful.


looks like you will have a white Christmas! we need another storm for one of those - our white stuff has gone away and what's left is gray ....


And that darn storm is on its way here! You lucked out though, no icy mix for the midwest. Yucko...I just hope our power doesnt go out! The husband just went out to the market for "storm provisions" (just in case we DO lose power, like bottled water, food that requires no cooking, and some dvds for the kids to watch IF the power doesnt go out!)

Love the Weasley. I've been wanting to start one. I actually had grand plans this past summer to make one for each of my four kids....HA! I am intimidated by the colorwork. I hate colorwork, even the stranding in Ann Norling strawberry caps comes out horrible for me! And I hate the way duplicate stitch looks. Guess I'll just have to put on a brave face and try the colorwork!

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