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Let's get crack-a-lackin'

Dsc06222Dsc06221Imagine John Travolta, a la Grease: "It's petrifying!"  Really, it is electrifying -- I can't leave the Petrified Socks alone.  There's been precious little time, but what there is has been split between the sock and the Wee Weasley.  Mack is leaving tomorrow morning and my sister said she's taking the sweater whether I've finished with it or not!  It fits him perfectly with a little room to grow and he just couldn't be more adorable.

Dsc06223I've turned the heel on the sock and, as of sleepy-time last night, the gusset is finished, too, so now it's just foot for a while.  We'll just have to see if there's any pooling or flashing as that progresses, but I'm very pleased with how the leg turned out -- very even color distribution on both sides.

Turns out that last Friday -- an extra day off of work/school due to icy conditions -- the ice quickly melted, the sun came out and the temperature was nearly 40 in the afternoon.  Made for good last-minute shopping weather, and I also filled in at the antique mall for a couple of hours.  It was nice to share some of my bonus day helping someone who needed it.

My sister and her family arrived from the northland quite late Friday night -- or was that quite early Saturday morning?  We had a nice day on Saturday with last-minute bustle and then headed over to Mom's.  An aunt that I haven't seen in a long time brought Grandma to the festivities, along with birthday cake to celebrate Gram's 93rd birthday!  DH celebrated his birthday on the day after, but no cake.  Ugh.  Can't even think about cake or sweets.  Maybe I'll surprise him with a belated cake just before Katie leaves for England.  Or maybe defrosted brownies!  (Haha -- thanks for the brownie advice; I've never before had to deal with too many brownies.)

More later...  it's back to work for the first time in a week and I've got some catching up to do!



Whew! I was jonesing here for my fix! The sock look gorgeous and it sounds like a wonderful holiday. Happy Birthday Rusty! Yet another Capricorn in the mix. I'm collecting them these days.

YAY! Love you! Today WILL NOT be the same without you. It just won't. It will be good, but someone will be missing.


Vicki, Hope your Christmas was wonderful. I'm sure Mack just "made" Christmas for everyone. At least that's what happened to us with "Little" John. Love the petrified socks. Bet they were fun to knit up. Happy New Year!


Yay, yer back! The socks look fabulous! I'm so enjoying watching them take shape :)
Sounds like a lovely holiday!

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