Give me an "M"
You should have seen the one that got away...

Like a fish...

Dsc06091...out of water.

Or, as Cara said today, "What the ... #*&(*^%* ... Typepad.  That blows!"

A day without Margene, I survived.  Many craptastic (bow to Norma) days with (or without, as the case may be) Bloglines, I survived; I even kept on feelin' the love.  The learning curve days spent with NewsGator, not too bad.

Dsc06094A whole day without Typepad?  For them, too, I've kept on feeling the love.  They've grown awfully fast, as have all blog-hosting services, I imagine, and have had some growing pains -- lots.of.growing.pains.  It seems that they were pretty up-front about it today, when ProBlogger called and asked about it directly, and then later on their own sites.  A whole day, though.  It does blow.

I've read more than once, though, that a blogger should have their own domain, own their content with no fuzzy lines.  I know, too, that other folks (JenLa more than one, twice, thrice, girls?) with other blog services and/or their own domain have issues with losing things from time to time.  That's what I call techno-crap and you've just got to expect it.  Computers fry, hard drives fail, domains blow.  Is it time?  May I soon be Jaywalking in more than one sense of the word!



no fishy explanation?

Curlie Girl/Kim

Techno-crap is right on the money! Doesn't it just drive you around the bend when it happens!


I was a tad irate with typepad myself. Cuz honestly I dont think the service is that much better than the free variety.
I do have my own domain and by going to it, your redirected to my typepad blog. The only reason I dont have moveable type installed on my alreayd paid for domain is that something I need isnt up to date....therefor, moveable type wont work.
As soon as I am able, I'll be getting rid of typepad.

Mary in Boston

There you are! I thought I'd lost my mind when I couldn't find the Weasley update! Glitches will occur from time to time I guess, but it hard to accept that it doesn't always work one hundred percent of the time. Like cable tv...LOL.


Welcome home honey! I missed you!


Missed you! I'm pretty happy with knitblog hosting and movable type. And they back everything up every night!


I just can't think about changing. Tpyepad is just so easy (when it works);-)
It was strange to not be in Blogland but it was a good time of year. Things have been rather slow. I did miss my buddies enourmously.


there are ups and downs to having your own domain and content and all that fun stuff. i bought my own domain when i started blogging, mostly because i wanted the flexibility of having any number of extra pages without having to pay for it. (have i used any of those? um, no, but that's not important.) i used blogger for awhile, being morally opposed to paying for my blogging software, but last summer I switched to Wordpress and I love it. It has a somewhat steep learning curve, but it's incredibly flexible and once I learned all the little tricks, I haven't really had a problem with it. The support is terrific (and all user-based, there's no real helpdesk) and if I ever get good enough at this web stuff, I can even do a template makeover (one day ... after law school, perhaps). i think it just depends on the person. i have service issues once in a while with my domain host (like my site going down for about six hours last week), but they're relatively rare and usually not long-term.

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