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Dsc06112Dsc06113...two to go.  Thank goodness!  There's an FO to report and, best of all, it gets crossed off the Christmas To-Do List!  They're a little big for me, but that's a very good thing in this case -- since they're not for me.  And man, are they ever warm!  They're the Log Cabin Socks -- I'll post details in the photo album.

It's snowing outside -- the beginning of our first significant storm/snowfall of the year.  I have a lot to do today and snow wasn't really figured in...  Whatcha gonna do?  One item on the list is taking Maddy to get her ears pierced for the very first time.  She'd been talking about it and St. Nick brought her some earrings -- she's ready!

Dsc06115Look what came in the mail!  Henry's mom sent me this zipper tote she made in one of my favorite designs!  The little guy wearing reindeer ears steals the show, though!  Thank you, Stephanie and Henry, for thinking of me.  So sweet.

Dsc06116The catalog underneath is Sundance.  I'd like to knit a stocking for Mack and am considering a design similar to this.  My sister likes it.  This would be for next year -- even with an FO under my belt, I'm not going to get IT done in time.  Shirley Shrugs and I have a date with the calculator later today.

But first, I'll be taking the Wee Weasley to the LYS and that project ought to be on the downhill slide later today.  Very exciting.  I'm trying to pace myself, though.  I know that if the shrug is the only thing going, it won't be good.  It's so weird because I used to be such a monogamous knitter and now, well, I'm just not happy unless I have a little going here and a little going there.

It was just a blast to read all of your comments about your own department store/downtown Christmas memories.  The mall with Santa plopped between the kiosks just doesn't compare, though I hope there's something magical and memorable about it that my kids will one day recall.

Another thing!  After we visited Santa, we'd go to an area in the store that was blocked off and had very short doors -- adults were not allowed inside.  It was a place where kids could shop for their family members with help from clerks.  There were separate tables with geegaws for "Mother," "Father," "Sister," "Brother," etc.  We each had a list and a set amount to spend and a clerk would help us choose presents for everyone on our lists -- and stay within budget!  When the girls were in grade school, a marketing class at the high school set up shop in an empty storefront downtown for a few weeks with a similar purpose -- must not have gone over real well, though, because I don't think they did it again.

Okay, I'm off to get busy -- I have to check my list!!!



Hey Vicki! The log cabin socks look great. And I'm glad your early Christmas present arrived safely :)

Bookish Wendy

I love the yellow socks! Bright and cheery for the winter dull.


Those socks do look warm! And I'm cold. Glad you're ticking things off the list. Doesn't it feel productive? I know what you mean about having one thing to do - it will never get done. I need to be juggling. More in regular life than the knitting life, but I'm right there with you.

Have fun with the snow! Be careful driving!


The socks look so fabulous! Good luck with the rest of it and thanks for the memories!


Great looking socks. And that store idea for the kids? Priceless!


The socks look fabulous Vicki! But I'm a sucker for anything cabled :) And considering the temp outside is below zero, I'm a sucker for warm feet too!

And I also remember the "short door store" I was just thinking about it yesterday!


Socks are awesome!

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